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Take A Paws, Meet The Pup: Tucker


Welcome to the seventh installment of our dog blog series! Take a paws and let us introduce you to our first New York pup to be featured who just so happens to be famous – Tucker!


Nickname: Tuck, TuckTuck, BooBear, Little Bear, Handsome Prince

Human’s Name: Lauren Beatty

Birthday: 9/13/2009

Breed: Frenchton (Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix)

Tucker the Frenchton pup next to Kate Spade handbags

Treat Of Choice: Peanut Butter & Bacon treats from Bocce’s Bakery

Absolute Favorite Toy: Anything with stuffing that I can destroy! If Lauren’s not fast enough, I’ll eat the stuffing!!

Favorite Places To Be Scratched: I love chest rubs and belly rubs!

On Weekends, I’m Most Likely… At a Long Island French Bulldog meetup with my friends.


Tucker the pup standing next to a fire hidrant

My Morning Routine Includes… Going outside two separate times (at least), eating breakfast, and laying in the sun spot in the living room

Which Office I Work Out Of: Melville, NY

Where I’m Most Likely To Be Found In The Office: By Lauren’s desk or with Lauren in meetings

Tucker with best friend Lauren

Best Friend In The Office & Why… Lauren, duh!

Hidden Talent: High-five! I can do each paw and then both paws! I’ve also trained Lauren. If I give her a high-five she didn’t ask for, she’ll stop what she’s doing and give me a treat!

Greatest Vices: I chew shoes, if I can get them. I also love to jump up, grab important papers or mail off the table, run around with it, and then chew it.

Tucker the pup riding in a shopping cart

Most Trouble I’ve Ever Been In: I got downstairs one night and ate a bunch of gum and paper while Lauren was sleeping. She was super worried, but I got a ride in the car and to visit my vet! (I was fine)

Most Daring Feat: I like to challenge any possums or raccoons that visit my yard at night. I show them who’s the boss of this yard! Lauren then has to drag me inside.

Proudest Achievement: I was featured in a Scholastic children’s book! I even got on the back cover!!

Tucker the pup feature in Scholastic book Pup Style

My Favorite Non-Profit(s): French Bulldog Rescue Network

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