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Take A Paws, Meet The Pup: Oliver


Welcome to the 26th installment of our dog blog series! Take a paws and let us introduce you to Oliver, a Wpropup who loves tennis balls—but you won’t believe what his greatest joy is.

Nickname: Olive

Human’s Name: Haley Brown

Birthday: August 24th.

Breed: Shih Tzu

Absolute Favorite Toy: My tennis ball

Treat Of Choice: Bananas

Favorite Places To Be Scratched: Behind my ears

On Weekends, I’m Most Likely… Sleeping

My Morning Routine Includes… First, I wake up on mom & dad’s pillows and lick their faces, then I hang out with dad so he can give me some of his cheerios, then I go back to sleep with mom until she wakes up to feed me breakfast.

My Greatest Joy Is… Attention and bananas

Which Office I Work Out Of: Los Angeles

Where I’m Most Likely To Be Found In The Office: In my bed

I Represent House… Roberts

Hidden Talent: I give the best high fives

Greatest Vices: Sticking out my tongue

Most Trouble I’ve Ever Been In: When I peed all over mom’s new rug

Most Embarrassing Or Shameful Moment (For My Owner, Too): When I ate 3 Christmas lights as a snack

Most Daring Feat: Getting in the car everyday

Where I Found My Furever Family: Out of nowhere, mom just came and picked me up one day

Proudest Achievement: Being a very good boy

My Favorite Non-Profit: NKLA

What Makes Me A Challenger: I always challenge myself to eat as much as I can without chewing

Want to meet more Wpro Pups? Check out our WproPets Instagram.

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