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Take A Paws, Meet The Pup: Chipper


Welcome to the fifteenth installment of our dog blog series! Take a paws and let us introduce you to Chipper, one of our wisest office pups in LA with a wardrobe full of the best costumes.

Chipper the pup on orange background

Nickname: Chicken, Nugget, Stinky Doo

Human’s Name: Carlene Lippold

Birthday: 1/16/2004

Chipper the pup dressed as a taco

Breed: Chihuahua

Treat Of Choice: Freeze-dried chicken

Absolute Favorite Toy: Nothing.

Chipper the pup playing in the puppy bowl

Favorite Places To Be Scratched: My armpits

On Weekends, I’m Most Likely… Sunbathing in the grass

Chipper the pup sleeping on the grass

My Morning Routine Includes… Sleeping between the pillows until Mom wakes me up, going potty, and sniffing all the grass, getting yummy treats, and watching ESPN until we go to work.

Which Office I Work Out Of: Los Angeles

Chipper the pup at Wpromote headquarters

Where I’m Most Likely To Be Found In The Office: On my Pluto pillow pet under Mom’s desk.

Best Friend In The Office & Why… Mom because I’m shy and it takes me a while to get to know new friends.

Chipper the pup yawning

I Represent House… Buttercup

Hidden Talent: Blue Steel Look

Chipper the pup looking serious

Greatest Vices: Growling

Most Trouble I’ve Ever Been In: I bit Mom on the lip because I was angry she brought a new sibling home.

Chipper the pup with family

Most Embarrassing Or Shameful Moment: All the costumes Mom puts me in… I’m too old for this!

Most Daring Feat: Swimming in a pool in Palm Springs … Mom cried tears of joy.

Chipper the pup laying in the grass

My Favorite Non-Profit: Animal Wellness Foundation

I’m Social Media Famous On This Handle: @callalene

Chipper the pup wearing a little hat

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