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The Five Biggest Questions for Digital Marketers Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Christine Schrader Christine Schrader VP of Content & Communications

As many marketers adjust to working from home and prioritize our health and our families, we are also responsible for helping our businesses adapt their marketing strategies to this strange new reality. At the same time, we’re responding to constant changes in every part of society that is impacting both customer behavior and core business circumstances, from search to shipping.

But there’s good news: there is nobody better at adapting to change than a digital marketer.

This is what we do every day. And now’s our chance to help our businesses weather the storm and come out the other side stronger than before.

This is the ultimate test of Thinking Like A Challenger. That’s why we’re bringing together some of the best digital marketing minds we know, from enterprise brand leaders to channel experts from Google and Facebook. And that includes you.

On March 26th, we’re convening a special interactive virtual panel to answer the top questions facing digital marketers through the coronavirus crisis. And interactive is key here: we’re all hungry for the chance to network and learn from our peers and the best in the business, and we’re not asking you to just sit back and listen.

From Crisis Reactive to Recovery Proactive: Watch our latest virtual panel where we discuss adapting digital marketing goals and budgets in a crisis.

We’ve got this! But none of us can do it alone. We’re asking you to participate, bring your expertise to the table, and help us all learn from each other. Invite your teams, the smart marketers in your network, and anyone else you think would benefit from an open discussion.

We want you to consider the following questions we’ll be addressing on the panel so you can come fully prepared to share and work together to find solutions:

  1. Digital marketing teams are reporting adjustments and re-allocation of budget across marketing channels: how should marketing teams respond to changes/defend budget? Are there any suggestions of how and where to move budget to stay effective in such a volatile time?
  2. Forrester noted that it may be necessary to adjust digital marketing goals and KPIs, specifically that lower funnel purchases and conversions might be temporarily depressed while more opportunity might exist around brand awareness and affinity building with the increase in online activity. How should marketers adjust what they’re measuring and expecting in terms of results? What are some ways to stay flexible and take advantage of opportunities?
  3. Many marketing teams are teaming up with comms and PR to communicate brand responses and what measures they are taking to keep employees and customers safe. What should they take into account to make sure they are effectively communicating? Are there best practices and measurable results around brand affinity connected with those initiatives?
  4. Should brands be auditing and adjusting their messaging in ads and other marketing assets? Are there specific changes they should be making or issues to look out for? What’s the right mix between timely communications and business as usual?
  5. Looking more long-term, many marketing teams are missing certain immediate goals in the wake of all of the news and changes to consumer behavior. What can they do now to set themselves up for success once the crisis is over? Are there long-term strategies they should be investing in?
Watch our latest Ask Me Anything, where B2B experts answer your pressing questions.

Ready to work together to find solutions, get the inside scoop from digital marketing masters, and position your team as an indispensable part of your business’s future? Watch our virtual panel now.

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