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Mind the Gap: Challenges Behind Brand/Agency Partnerships

Grayson Gilcrease Grayson Gilcrease Senior Content Writer

A great agency can be a major boost for your marketing: the right partners can help in-house teams build powerful strategies, come up with innovative ideas, drive incremental impact, and more. But brands can only reap those benefits if they maintain an effective agency/brand relationship.

The dynamic between your brand and your agency partners can make or break your marketing strategy, but many businesses aren’t taking the time to get aligned with their agencies. That’s why Wpromote joined forces with Ascend2 to ask 500+ brand and agency decision-makers how these relationships are evolving, what’s working, and what’s not.

Our experts are breaking down our most important findings to help you make the most of your agency partnerships.

Infographic detailing stats from brands and agencies about the disconnect

To maintain a positive relationship with your agency, it’s key to regularly review the most important aspects of your partnership, including issues like speed of delivery, communication, and more. If your needs aren’t being met by your current agency, there’s no need to settle. Instead, reevaluate your partnership so you can better align your expectations and priorities.

Download our full report, Mind the Gap: New Data Reveals Brand/Agency Partnership Changes & Challenge, to get more insights into brand/agency relationships.

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