Mind the Gap: New Data Reveals Brand/Agency Partnership Changes & Challenges

Brands reporting high satisfaction with their agencies are 61% more likely to experience substantial revenue growth. Are you getting the maximum return from your agency partners?

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New research shows that brands need agencies to do more with less—and work on accelerated timelines.

Wpromote and Ascend2 surveyed 500+ decision-makers at brands and agencies to discover how the brand/agency dynamic is changing—and how to better align with these critical partners to achieve better results.

Disconnects are negatively impacting many partnerships: 76% of agencies report high confidence in their service delivery, but just 39% of brands are very satisfied. Download the full report to learn what’s changing, including:

  • Brands are shifting away from exclusive AOR relationships: 56% of brands work with 2-3 agencies, including 66% of highly satisfied brands
  • Agility and speed are brand priorities: nearly seven out of ten brands prefer continuous, agile planning with frequent adjustments, while speed of delivery is the top challenge with agency partners
  • Data privacy is a major disconnect: 94% of brands consider data privacy-specific guidance important, but only 53% of agencies provide that education to their clients

Arm yourself with the data you need to make better partnership decisions in 2024—so you can drive better business outcomes.

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