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Inspiring Examples Of Financial Education Content

Kathy Sanders

What’s on your SEO or content marketing agenda for 2019? If you are a bank, credit union, or another type of financial services business, creating content focused on financial education should be at the top of your to-do list.

A study by Raddon Research Insights has revealed that consumers not only need financial education content, they want it. They appreciate being given information that can help them improve their financial lives and achieve their goals. Financial services providers such as banks and credit unions are in a perfect position to create and distribute this type of content. After all, they are the financial experts and thought leaders and are respected sources of information within their areas of specialization. The research study showed that people trust the advice and insights they receive from their banks and credit unions and in return for receiving educational content from them, a large percentage of consumers will reward their financial institution with more business.

Valuable, shareworthy, keyword-rich content that targets your different audiences at all stages of the marketing funnel can lead to loyal customers and members as well as profits. It builds relationships with your site’s visitors by helping them make more informed decisions.

Are you looking for some fresh ideas for your financial education content? Check out these inspiring examples!

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Bethpage Federal Credit Union has a comprehensive Advice & Planning section on its website featuring Auto, Home, Youth, Money Management, and Fraud Protection categories. The section is filled with blogs, videos, worksheets, calculators, and other content focused on financial education.

With such a robust selection of resources geared toward users with specific financial needs and goals, members and potential members can easily search for and access relevant information right on the credit union’s website. Content about money management and planning for the future can help empower visitors and give them confidence that they will make the right financial choices.


1-800Accountant is an online portal for finding professional accountants, including CPAs, EAs, bookkeepers and payroll specialists. The Resources section of the 1-800Accountant website has a wealth of content designed to help users navigate the complex world of taxes.

From blog posts about new tax laws and e-books on industry-specific tax deductions to step-by-step instructions on how to fill out forms, 1-800Accountant provides expert tips, strategies and guidance that can make life easier for individuals and businesses.

Need more ideas?

Check out financial content publishers such as Bankrate, NerdWallet, The Motley Fool and These websites are vying for the same audiences as banks and credit unions. Use their content as inspiration for your own financial institution.

Purposeful content that delivers value can help you attract new customers and members, and foster loyalty with your existing ones. It enhances SEO efforts, engages users, and can increase visitors’ average time on your site. If you’re in stuck in a financial content rut, talk to the Wpromote team today. Let us help you kick off 2019 with compelling content that will give you the competitive edge.

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