A Smattering of SEO News: 2/3/14


Hello folks, happy Monday, and happy February! I hope January was awesome for you all, and may February be even better. It’s been a busy year for SEO so far, and the past week has had some awesome stories, so let’s dive in!   Google News: Google And Bing Agree: Previous Successes Don’t Guarantee Success In SEO – In a recent webmaster video, Google’s Matt Cutts deals with what owners of older sites can do to maintain their site and keep their high search rankings. Basically, he says a lot of webmasters are nervous about making changes to a successful site, and eventually sites can look dated, run slowly, or be cumbersome to navigate. All of these are usability problems which can cause users to move to newer, more up-to-date sites that are just as hungry for high rankings. Cutts suggests to take a fresh look at your site and … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord Of Social Media: 1/31/14


Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining me again this week for a round-up of all things Social Media. We have some really interesting updates, so lets get right down to business.   Facebook Introduces Paper Yesterday, Facebook introduced a new way of browsing your News Feed. “Paper” as they call it, includes stories and themed sections, making it easier to follow your favorite interests. You can customize Paper with an array of different topics that include a mixture of content from many well-known publications. This is the first product introduced by Facebook Creative Labs, a new department focused on developing new apps for Facebook’s ever-changing platform. Facebook Fighting Twitter For TV Data Second on Facebook’s list of announcements this week was Chatter. Chatter will help collect and publish anonymous data about TV conversations. Facebook teamed up with a social media television analytics firm, SecondSync, to release a study “Watching With … Continue reading

A Plethora Of PPC News: 1/30/14


After a major apology in December for missing so many posts, I’ve missed over a month of new articles about PPC news. I’d apologize again but you guys probably wouldn’t buy it (and I don’t blame you), so let’s just get right to the recent developments in the paid search advertising world instead:     Facebook had a good 2013 and an even better fourth quarter. They’re making a lot money and doing it faster than most analysts would have guessed. Unfortunately for third party app makers, though, they’re signing a different tune. As a result, Facebook has decided to begin advertising within third party apps. Although this may appeal to the app developers who will get a cut of the action, it remains to be seen whether advertisers will be interested at all. Plus, that’s just one additional, somewhat confusing means of marketing in Facebook’s already multifaceted offering.   By … Continue reading

A Smattering Of SEO News: 1/27/14


Hello my friends, and welcome to another Smattering of SEO news to start your week on the right (or at least, informed) foot. There’s some interesting news out of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Pinterest over the last week, so let’s take a gander, shall we?   Google News: Google Doesn’t Consider Social Engagement As An SEO Signal – In a recent webmaster video, Google’s Matt Cutts was asked if Facebook and Twitter signals are part of Google’s algorithm. Citing that the web is imperfect, and that there are issues with privacy and access to data (which both Facebook and Twitter have cut off at times), he said that at present, Google doesn’t use social signals such as Likes and retweets in their SEO algorithm. If, he claims, you see a spike in Facebook Likes correlating with an improvement in the SERPs, those are merely related incidents, rather than connected incidents. … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord Of Social Media: 1/24/14


Hey Friends, and welcome to another week of a Smorgasbord of Social Media. We have a few platform updates that we would love to share with you, so lets dive right in.   A Better Understanding Of The Facebook Algorithm For Pages Facebook is constantly tweaking our News Feeds, so it is hard to stay on top of what is best to post. Luckily, the Facebook Blog just published an update announcing, for brand pages, text only updates are currently ranking the lowest for both reach and engagement. The new link-share view is outperforming a regular text post, however the image post still reigns superior! Pinterest Going With GIFs Pinterest is trying to shake up their platform by adding a feature to make GIFs playable. Before, if you uploaded a GIF a single still image would show up. Pinterest announced earlier this week that they have been testing GIFs on some users accounts. They must … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 1/21/14


Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of SEO news! This time we have something of a whollop from Google regarding the practice of guest blogging, plus a bunch of interesting news from across the web. Let’s dive in, shall we?   Google News: Matt Cutts Says Guest Blogging Is Dead, Then Clarifies – In a post on his blog, Google’s Matt Cutts originally announced that the practice of guest blogging — or bringing in influencers to write blogs on relevant topics to bring in links that make your site valuable — was dead, and as is typical, the Internet went insane. Posts were everywhere declaring guest blogging to be obsolete, and people who made that a cornerstone of their link building strategy of course panicked. Eventually, Cutts updated the title of his post to, “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO”, to which he goes onto … Continue reading