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Go For Gold: Harnessing the Power of Sports Influencers

Ali Wallace Senior Manager, Influencer Marketing

What comes to mind first when you think of sports? The roar of a crowd? The smell of a freshly roasted hotdog? For many fans, what makes sports special is a sense of community and passion that’s hard to find anywhere else. That engaged audience also provides a great opportunity for brands looking to tap into an exciting conversation and grab consumer attention.

To win in the athletics space, you need to build trust and connect with fans in a way that feels authentic to the community. Luckily, we have the cheat code to get your foot in the door: partnering with sports influencers and content creators. With the right partners, you can capitalize on influencers’ expertise and built-in audiences to create content that resonates with the fans you want to reach.

If you’re ready to make the leap into sports influencer marketing, you need to keep five Ws in mind: why, when, what, where, and who. With the right preparation, your brand will be ready to go for the gold–rather than a false start.How to include sports influencers as part of your overall marketing strategyOnce you’ve taken the time to define the type of influencer and content you’re looking for, you’ll be ready to win big with the perfect partnership for your brand. 

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