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SEO Keyword Of The Month: Festival Clothing

Ariel Kozicki

SEO For Music Lovers

With Coachella recently coming to a close and many more music festivals coming up this summer, you’ll notice many Ecommerce clothing sites optimizing for festival-related keywords. “Coachella clothing,” “festival clothing,” “festival clothes,” “festival gear,” and even “men’s festival clothing” get searched thousands of times a month. If your clothing brand isn’t already targeting festival-related keywords, it’s not too late to join the game. Incorporating festival keywords into your SEO strategy this spring and summer can increase your visibility and help you improve your ROI.

Big Brands Who Are Using SEO & Optimizing For Festival Keywords

Who are they and what are they doing? Conducting a quick search into Google for the latest festi-outfits, you’ll definitely notice some common patterns amongst some major brands that are using festival SEO to their advantage.


H&M stayed ahead of the game and was quick to partner up with Coachella for a campaign. They’ve created “H&M Loves Coachella” videos and an entire section of their site dedicated just to Coachella. Their paid search campaigns mirror their organic strategies as well. They’ve made sure that their site is optimized for Coachella-related terms, as well as their paid ads. Having a cohesive brand strategy like this that has correlating keywords across the board has helped them to soar to the top.

H&M Loves Coachella Festival Collection Video

Nasty Gal

It’s no secret that Nasty Gal is dominating the Ecommerce realm for young women’s clothing. They too have an entire section of their site is dedicated to their festival shop, which has hundreds of products. Their site is structured with great intuitive URLs that include descriptive keywords included throughout:

“Festival shop” is included in each URL, as well as a description of the product. Their URLs typically include the brand name, color, material, and product category. Try searching “festival shop” online and guess who comes up!

NastyGal Festival Shop Header


ASOS is the forerunner for men’s festival clothing searches. While many women’s Ecommerce websites are starting to include specific festival pages on their sites, it is far less frequent to see designated men’s festival clothing shops online. ASOS thought outside the box and targeted festival-going male shoppers as well as females. They’ve got nearly 800 products for men and almost 900 for women, utilizing “festival essentials” in their URL.

ASOS Festival Summer Shop Header

Free People

Famous for their bohemian clothing, Free People made sure to optimize their festival shop for all the upcoming events. With sunglasses, clothes, jewelry, and other festival accessories, Free People has it all. Both new searchers and returning customers will find their well-organized festival shop to be useful. Free People knows users will be going to their site specifically for their festival garments, and so their easy-to-use festival shop creates an improved user experience.

Free People Festival Shop


Boohoo’s festival shop contains 70 pages of festival wear. Boohoo also has a festival shop for men. Originally founded in the UK, this clothing company is now flourishing in the US as well. Although Coachella and other festivals would not seem like a typical sector for what started out as a rather preppy British company, Boohoo has allowed their company and website to change with the times and has kept up with current trends to stay relevant.

Boohoo Festival Shop

These major Ecommerce brands are staying current by keeping up with the latest events and trends. Website visitors of sites like Nasty Gal, H&M, and Free People also frequently attend musical festivals in the spring and summer. When optimizing your website – ask yourself – what is important to my users? If Coachella and EDM music festivals are important to your customers, then make sure your internet marketing and SEO techniques reflect that. Include music festival keywords, content, and product categories on your Ecommerce site if it will add value to the user experience for your target customer.

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