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SEO & Content Marketing Trends: 2/13

Amanda Schack

Google-speakr Named The Next UserAgent In Google

  • Last year, Google introduced Google Go as a faster and easier way to search the web with search results optimized to save upwards of 40% in data usage.
  • This week, Google launched a new feature allowing everyone using Google Go’s browser to listen to webpages out loud. This technology can seamlessly read billions of webpages in 28 different languages. The technology uses AI and speech synthesis, and it has the ability to determine what parts of the page are relevant to read out loud. When Google Go fetches a page, the useragent is used to ensure the information is up to date before translating out loud.
  • Some individuals have reported a new Google useragent in their log files, but the extent of the rollout has not been declared by Google.
  • Why does this matter? This is another clear indicator of the rapid rise of AI and voice automation, and a reminder to incorporate voice search strategy in your 2019 marketing plans. Further, this is progress towards Google’s ultimate goal of making the web more accessible to everyone. This is great news for companies with an online marketing presence because Google is working to increase the number of internet users and indirectly increasing online opportunity and exposure.

The Endless Opportunities With AI… But Where Do I Begin?

  • Artificial intelligence comes in many forms—machine learning (ML), neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation (NLG), chatbots, and computer vision— and it’s disrupting the market place. Incorporating AI into your marketing strategy is complicated, but critical in order to stay at the forefront of your industry.

“… the percentage of marketers using or planning to use AI in specific ways would increase an average of 257% over the next two years.”

  • Marketers use AI to target a multitude of different objectives, which makes it even more important to establish early on a clear vision of what business problem you want to solve with AI.
  • eMarketer has highlighted best practices for getting started with AI. The article incorporates involving the C-suite in the process to get buy-in approval and assistance throughout. Further, the article emphasizes the importance of navigating the AI ecosystem and picking the right tools for the job, whether that be to build or buy.
  • As with all technological advances, it’s crucial to remember to maintain transparency and ethics in order to avoid larger business risks. Lastly, the foundation of AI is data. The technology cannot produce the desired results without accurate data. Prioritize finding the right tools as well as the right people to maintain the tools and continue to monitor the data throughout the process.
  • Why does this matter? The power of AI is endless, but be careful. Remain mindful and follow these ground rules before jumping into incorporating this large investment.

A Rough Start To 2019 For The Media Industry

  • Buzzfeed announced that they are preparing to lay off about 15% of its employees, a number that equals 220 jobs cut. BuzzFeed CEO, Jonah Peretti. told reporters:

“We’ve developed a good understanding of where we can consolidate our teams, focus in on the content that is working and achieve the right costs to support our multi-revenue model.”

  • BuzzFeed isn’t the only company experiencing the growing pressures of the media industry. So far in 2019,
    • Vice Media Laid Off 10 percent Its Staff
    • Gannett Company, The Nation’s Largest Newspaper Chain, Eliminated 400 Jobs
    • Verizon Cut 7% Of Its Media Division
  • Changes in consumer behavior and advertising trends are shaking up the media industry and forcing companies to operate as lean and efficient as possible.
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