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The Great Google Leak of 2024: Everything You Need to Know

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You’ve probably heard the news making waves in the marketing world this week: an anonymous source recently leaked thousands of internal Google search documents to SparkToro’s CEO Rand Fishkin and iPullRank’s CEO Mike King. This might sound like a subplot from a James Bond film, but it’s all too real–Fishkin spent weeks reviewing and verifying the information and the pair has now released the details on everything from Google’s ranking factors to how NavBoost works.

So what does this mean for your search strategy? If you’re not looking to scroll through 14,000+ API features, you’re in luck! Our SEO experts have put together a comprehensive TL;DR of the biggest takeaways from the leak. SEO insights and learnings from the 2024 Google leakWhile many best practices remain the same, it’s clear that there’s a difference between what Google has been saying publicly and what’s happening behind closed doors. In the future, we hope the search giant will be more transparent about how their systems work to help advertisers build great content. But for now, the biggest takeaway from this leak is that brands need to double down on creating great content to build user trust and following the basic rules of E-E-A-T. 

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