Earned Media Is Growth Marketing: The Performance Marketing Approach to Content + SEO

Your SEO and content marketing strategy shouldn’t be stuck in the past. Learn how a performance approach to your earned media can help you get immediate results and scale.

Get The Facts

What if the goal of your SEO and content campaigns was profitable growth?

When marketers discuss “performance marketing,” we all know what they mean: paid, direct response advertising. But your focus on performance shouldn’t be limited to the lower funnel.

SEO and content are two essential ingredients in a mature performance marketing strategy, but out-of-date marketing team structures and enduring misconceptions about earned media often keep them out of the performance conversation.

But you’re ready to do better and expect more from your organic marketing.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a complete framework for the performance approach to earned media and a deep dive into how you can:

  • Prioritize immediate results while balancing high-impact, longer term initiatives to effectively deploy and scale new earned campaigns
  • Find synergies between earned and paid channels to maximize the potential impact of your marketing on your core business objectives
  • Make the business case for earned media investment using advanced ROI forecasting to support your story

Make sure your earned media strategy is an engine built to drive measurable business growth by taking a performance marketing approach to SEO and content.



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