Businesses of all sizes and verticals should be putting mobile at the heart, rather than on the periphery, of their campaigns. At Wpromote, we have the expertise to do just that for our clients: we develop Accelerated Mobile Pages, deploy targeted paid search ads on mobile SERPs, and more! Our mobile-ready masters will challenge your business, your marketing, and all your campaigns to take advantage of the many benefits of mobile.

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Making Mobile Ad Types Work

Mobile advertising is about more than just showing up on Google and Facebook. Through targeted paid and organic campaigns, mobile-responsive emails, and the optimization of mobile websites and local keywords, every branch of digital marketing can be used to help your business gain traction on mobile devices. Your campaigns can include:

  • Mobile-Only Social Media Ads
  • Device-Responsive Emails
  • Keywords Optimized For Local Search
  • Location-Specific Coupons & Deals
  • Click-To-Call On Search & Social
  • Local Search Ads With Location Extensions
  • Responsive Site Design For Mobile
  • Video Content & Advertisements

Leveraging Local

Mobile campaigns can geo-target users and serve ads based on their current location and proximity to local stores.

Paid Search

Paid search ads can offer directions and click-to-call options.

Email & Social

Email and social can give discounts and coupons for in-store shopping.


SEO can update NAP information and create individual landing pages for each store location.


Geofencing can automatically notify users when they are in a specific area of interest to you.

Wpromote clients can geo-target potential customers with coupons and ads that reach their mobile phones when they are within 50 meters of a brick-and-mortar store, enticing them to come visit a physical location and make purchases or schedule appointments!

Running In Real Time

One of mobile’s most powerful features is its ability as a platform to deliver campaigns in real time, with up-to-the-minute data. Real time ad serving can be reactive to:

  • Location
  • Weather
  • Purchase History
  • Time
  • User Preferences

Real-time adjustment allows for more accurate targeting, raising conversions and lowering costs.

  • Serve time-sensitive coupons specifically on the mobile social platforms where they will gain the most traction.
  • Send email blasts that react to user’s local weather (e.g. “come inside and get warm!” promo when they are near a store and the weather is chilly).

Dominating Facebook Mobile

The vast majority of all ads are seen on a mobile device. With apps like Facebook taking up nearly 50% of users’ total time on their mobile devices, you should have campaign strategies that don’t just take advantage of mobile, but are specific to it.

  • Ecommerce Conversions
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Channel Integration
  • Online-To-Offline Sales
  • Sequential Messaging
Awards & Recognition
Recognized for Mobile Innovation
Wpromote was awarded the Google Premier Partner Award for Mobile Innovation for our work with Providence! Learn More

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