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Virtual Mentorship: Translating Passion into Careers (& Moving the Digital Marketing Industry Forward)

Sarah Pollock, Wpromote Sarah Pollock Senior Recruiter

When we started Wpromote’s virtual mentorship program back in June 2020, we weren’t sure what to expect. But we knew we wanted our focus to be on providing hands-on digital marketing learning and growth opportunities because we believed that it was the best way for our mentees to gain practical digital marketing skills and knowledge that would prepare them to be future digital marketing leaders. 

We wanted to share how our mentees are already changing the world of digital marketing, and provide some insights into how virtual mentorship programs can help new marketing professionals make the connections and develop the skills that give them a leg up in the job market.

“The digital marketing landscape is huge and constantly evolving, and I still had (and have) so much to learn about the industry. However, I really felt like the mentorship program pushed me towards the next steps by helping me realize I wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing.”

Catherine Zhou | Wpromote SMB Digital Marketing Manager

So where are they now?

We’ve had the honor of seeing our mentee cohort get hired in positions across the digital marketing industry. In fact, eight of our mentees are now full-time employees here at Wpromote.  

So how did Wpromote’s virtual mentorship program prepare our mentees for a career in digital marketing?

Exploring Experiences: The Many Hats of Digital Marketing

“The Mentorship Program introduced me to the many facets of digital marketing, giving me a clearer sense of how different areas like organic and paid media overlap and work together to meet the needs and goals of clients. The program also allowed me to get an insider view of how an agency operates.”

Thuyvi Pham | Wpromote Paid Social Coordinator

One goal of our mentorship program was to help our mentees get an idea of the full breadth of roles, responsibilities, and teams available to digital marketing professionals. They got the chance to learn from knowledgeable digital marketers across every team here at Wpromote.

This experience was designed to give our mentees insight into the marketing career path that best aligns with their skills and interests. For instance, new marketers who were most engaged with creative strategy could dig into what it would take to get a position focused on social media, content marketing, or SEO. The more analytical and data-driven mentees were able to explore opportunities in programmatic advertising and digital intelligence.

“I loved that we got a glimpse of every different department instead of focusing on one. It gave me a better understanding of what I’m really interested in and what I definitely don’t want to be doing.”

Mayra Herrera | Junior Project Manager at Brand Citizens

Focusing on the Full Career Path: Beyond the First Job

Another key goal of our virtual mentorship program was guiding our mentees to consider the longer trajectory of their careers instead of just the next step or that first job. Our agency’s larger mission is to help our clients Think Like A Challenger, and we knew our mentees needed to dream big and never settle for the status quo to become tomorrow’s digital marketing leaders.

“Wpromote taught me to always remind yourself to look at your career from a macro-scale. It can be easy to lose yourself in the busy micro-tasks you have to accomplish every day. It’s important to remember where you want to end up in 1, 5, or 10-years from now.”

Alexander Ostrega | Wpromote SMB Digital Marketing Manager

We needed to provide them with a safe space to learn plus the necessary tools and support to help them work towards big goals. Our Wpromote mentors encouraged mentees to ask questions, give feedback, and challenge the norm, so they would go out into the world filled with confidence and be ready for anything. 

“Something that I learned from the mentorship program and advice that I would give to future participants is that you never stop learning and that it can only help yourself and others to ask questions and continue to strive for more. The information I acquired through this program came by asking questions and being curious.”

Brandon Solursh | Marketing Intern at CarBlip

Charting the Future of Digital Marketing: A Two-Way Street

One of the unexpected positive results of the virtual mentorship program was how much it enriched Wpromote as an agency—and how it will continue to inform and disrupt the future of the digital marketing industry as a whole. It helped us understand how to make an impact despite the pandemic, when traditional internship programs were no longer an option.

In the end, the benefits of mentorship flow in both directions; investing in programs that foster relationships, growth, and learning is a key part of building a marketing organization that doesn’t just work today but helps shape a better future for marketers, for your business, and for the industry. 

Check out our career page to learn more about the current open opportunities to Always Be Learning by joining the Wpromote team. 

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