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The Best Of Google Tricks & Search Results

Jamie Farrell SVP | Marketing

Google is always releasing new products and features, even different versions of their logo on a regular basis. A very small part of their releases include tricks and entertaining search results.  Many of these tricks and results have been around for some time, while others are relatively new, nonetheless if you haven’t seen these fun results, take a minute to browse our top 10 examples.

And the drumroll please…

1. Google “Do A Barrel Roll”

Type this phrase into Google and don’t look away! This was developed by an advanced Google programmer who wanted to show how advanced browsers are today.Google Do A Barrel Roll

2. Slay The Dragon

In Google Docs, open any spreadsheet and when you press Shift+F12 (Shift+Function+F12 on a Mac), a message will pop up announcing “Dragon slain! Congratulations, you’ve slain the dragon!”

3. Google “Askew” Or “Tilt”

I wonder how much more traffic “TILT” branded products and locations are receiving these days?

4. Gravity Trick

Visit, do a search and have some fun watching your Google page crumble due to gravity.

Google Gravity Trick

5. Creative Google Map Recommendations

Get directions from Beijing, China to Tokyo, Japan. You won’t be able to read most of the results but check out number 30!

Creative Google Map Recommendations

6. Google “The Answer To Life The Universe & Everything”

If you are ever feeling lost visit Google and they will help point you back in the right direction.


This is an oldie but a goodie. Log into your Gmail account and visit your Spam folder to find the latest and greatest recipes for, you guessed it, SPAM.

Google SPAM

8. Google “What Is The Loneliest Number”

We all know the answer but in case you forgot, Google will blatantly point this out for you.

9. Pig Latin

Although Google can change settings to many popular languages, this one just seems so much funnier than all of the rest. Anyone know how often this is used by people that can actually read Pig Latin?

Google Pig Latin

10. Google “Recursion”

Recursion by definition is the process of repeating terms in a self-similar way. Very witty, Google.

All but one of these tricks were developed directly by Google, the exception being the Gravity Easter Egg that was too cool to leave off of this list.

There are a lot more of these tricks and Easter eggs out there, even some that are seasonal like “let it snow,” which I hope will return next holiday season. We would love to hear about any Google related tricks that did not make our list, post a comment below!

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