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Is Your Website Answering The Right Questions? How To Optimize Your FAQ Page

Ariel Kozicki

SEO & FAQ Pages

Certain industries may find that an FAQ page is extremely useful not only to provide information for users, but also for boosting SEO rankings. When optimizing a website, the FAQ page might not necessarily be the first page you’d think to use for SEO. In fact, the FAQ page is often ignored when it comes to SEO. However, if you’ve already updated the rest of your site and have some room for improvement, your FAQ page could also be a place to include target keywords, phrases, and questions that you want to rank for.

Complex and niche industries may want to pay special attention to their FAQ page. For example, healthcare businesses, law firms, and universities may want to pay special attention to the questions and answers they provide for users. Medical inquiries, insurance questions, legal questions, and financial questions are frequently searched each day online, and Google has reported that approximately 5% of all queries are medical-related.

Example of AppleCare FAQs page with keywords and hyperlinks

Potential customers are entering their questions into Google every day. They’re asking Google for answers about things like investing, bank accounts, and mortgages. Searchers may also be looking for specific products to buy at ethnic markets and asking Google “where can I buy…” Whether you’re a plastic surgeon, auto dealer, or a personal injury lawyer, you may be able to benefit from an updated FAQ page on your site. You’re the expert, and no one knows as much about your business as you do. Share that knowledge with potential clients who can benefit from your wealth of information.

Simple questions may have a high search volume for your business. These questions may begin with “what is,” “how much does x cost,” “ where can I find,”  “do I need,” and “why does.” Simple questions like these are often plugged into Google by searchers. Google is a place where searchers can be free and open to ask whatever comes to mind, and it is not uncommon for people to enter direct questions into the search bar. If you are ranking for some of their questions (or their answers) then you are already ahead of the game.

SEO Tips for your FAQ Page

Make sure your FAQ page includes frequently searched long tail terms.

  • Google is all about user experience. Google will also like the same questions that your users will find helpful. Choose questions that are frequently searched and this will ensure that your FAQ page is filled with useful information that your potential customers are actually looking for.
  • Questions about your business may create an opportunity for a new ranking. If you answer the question asked in a searcher’s query, you may gain that individual as a customer.

Make frequent updates; don’t leave this page static.

  • Is there specific seasonality to your business? Are there new questions you’ve been frequently hearing from customers? Update your FAQ page and add those new questions. Google rewards fresh, original content, so don’t let your FAQ page go stale.

Include links to other related pages and main conversion pages.

  • Make sure your FAQ page is not a dead end. Have links on your FAQ page to other pertinent pages on your website, and to your contact page.

Example of UCLA FAQs page with links to other pages

Incorporate FAQ Pages into Your SEO & Internet Marketing Strategy

If you’re representing your brand online, make sure your FAQ page fits cohesively into the mix. You’ve taken the time and effort to optimize the rest of your website, so don’t fall short and forget the FAQ page. The FAQ page is a great place for useful content and helpful information for customers. If you plan out your FAQ page the right way, you’ll have more satisfied customers, a better user experience, and searchers on Google will be able to find answers to their questions (and find your site in the process).



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