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10 Marketing Podcasts You Should Check Out Today


From entertainment to news and politics, to crime and conspiracy theories, podcasts have exploded over the past few years with something for relatively every interest, field and hobby. The marketing industry has an array of podcasts that are just as diverse as the field we work in. Here are some of our company favorites.

This Old Marketing Podcast

Both informative and entertaining, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose’s This Old Marketing Podcast is a hit with content marketers everywhere. With different topics ranging from marketing trends, how to attract and retain customers, content marketing headline discussion, and more, Pulizzi and Rose are a dynamic duo that are enjoyable to listen to and filled with tons of useful marketing tips.

Perpetual Traffic

With new episodes uploaded every Tuesday, Perpetual Traffic is where to go if you want a podcast that focuses on the acquisition of leads and sales through paid traffic. This podcast focuses on increasing traffic and implementing tools to help you jump start your journey with paid traffic.

Building A StoryBrand with Donald Miller

After writing seven memoirs and becoming a New York Times best-selling author, Donald Miller has taken the StoryBrand experience to the podcast scene. StoryBrand targets helping businesses, nonprofits, and personal brands clarify the message they want to provide to their audience. Miller emphasizes the importance of email blasts, marketing materials, and creating better websites that make sense.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

In a weekly 45-minute podcast, Michael Stelzner doesn’t shy away from talking about any aspect of social media marketing. By implementing success stories and interviews with experts, this podcast will help you learn new strategies, efficiently use social media tactics and gain knowledge on how to overall improve social media marketing.

Ecommerce Influence

The Ecommerce Influence podcast is perfect for Ecommerce business owners and online marketing executives. With 15-minute episodes, business owners can acquire practical and candid advice to help their businesses grow. Some of the topics that they go over are: email marketing, conversion rate optimization, business automation, shopping cart abandonment and more.

Marketing Over Coffee

The premise of this podcast stays true to its name. The hosts, John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn, record the show at a local coffee shop every week and publish episodes each Thursday. At under 20 minutes long each, episodes can vary from going over tips and tricks like staying up to date with social networks, search engine optimization and search marketing, email marketing, multivariate testing and copy writing, “old school” offline marketing campaigns, and much more.

Call To Action

Over at Call To Action, they break down the art and science of digital marketing, from strategy and planning to execution, measurement and optimization. With new episodes every Wednesday, they speak to: marketing directors, managers and thought leaders who are driving innovation and growth as well as the campaign strategists, copywriters, data analysts and conversion-centered designers. What’s the call to action? To get inspired.

Marketing School Podcast

At less than 10 minutes long and published every day, the Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel and Eric Sui has become a favorite for many marketers, since it’s short and to the point. They explore different niches like how to properly hire marketing interns, how to add long-tail keywords to your content and much more. The provide tactics, tips and tools to help you grow your company and to inspire you.


Hosted by CEO, investor, vlogger, public speaker and entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, #AskGaryVee answers your questions about everything ranging from social media to marketing to business to entrepreneurship. His episodes include keynote speeches on marketing and business, interviews, fireside chats and this show provides listeners with a full audio experience.

Future Tech Podcast

Future Tech Podcast takes on business and marketing topics with leaders of exciting companies and dives into the world of different technologies. Our own Founder & CEO, Michael Mothner, was a guest and spoke about the creation of Wpromote and how we help clients Think Like A Challenger. We might be biased, but loved sharing about our commitment to our helping our clients grow using innovative tools and strategies.

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