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Your Bi-Weekly Dose Of Paid Search Updates

Anisa Anorve

Google Ads Removed Two Bidding Strategies This Month

Google has now combined the capability of its Target Page location and Outranking Share into one metric called Target Impression Share. Target Impression Share is a smart bidding strategy that will automatically set bids to ensure your ad shows up when customers are conducting searches specific to your product.

“Target Impression Share offers more flexible and granular controls to optimize for your desired impression share and search page location. And you can use “Absolute top impression share” or “Top impression share” to aim for the top of the page using Target Impression share.”

Existing campaigns using these two metrics will automatically be migrated to Target Impression Share and optimized based on previous target locations and historical impressions share. You will also find Target Impression Share in Google’s Recommendations page.

Google Introduces Campaign-Level Conversion Setting At Google Marketing Live

Available in all accounts for search and display campaigns, marketers can choose which conversion actions to include in the “conversions” column at the campaign level. This gives you the option to choose which actions to use to optimize campaigns.

“You’ll still be able to see all the conversion actions reported in the “All conversions” column. If you want to optimize a campaign for multiple conversion actions, you can place them in a “conversion actions set” and share it across other campaigns intended to drive the same goals.”

With this new feature, there is no need to create new accounts when you have campaigns with different goals. This makes it easier to manage your bids within one account when you are aiming to capture different conversion types.

Discovery Ads Are Here!

(New Format & Ads in the Google Discovery Feed)

In a recent Google/Ipsos study, Google found that 76% of consumers enjoy making an unexpected discovery when shopping online and 85% of consumers will take a product-related action within 24 hours of discovering a product. To capitalize on this, Google introduced Discovery Ads in May as a private beta and will now roll it out to all advertisers globally later this year.

“Discovery ads are a new way to reach people across Google properties in the moments when they’re open to discovering your products and services.”

Google’s overall goal with Discovery ads is to allow marketers to take up more real estate on other platforms as well as increase reach.

New Recommendations Added To Optimization Score

Google’s recommendation page has added four new features that will help to efficiently drive campaigns towards their goals.

The four new features include:

  • Target ROAS & Target Impression Share – Aimed at providing suggestions to help reach your goals by bidding more efficiently.
  • Bid Adjustment Recommendations – Provided for Affinity audiences, demographics, and in-market audiences.
  • Seasonal Budget Recommendations – Suggested mainly for incoming traffic increases to avoid missing out on potential customers or overspends.
  • Optimization Score – Found under the recommendations page in the “dimensions” column.

That’s it for your bi-weekly dose of paid search updates! Stay tuned as we’re expecting a lot more updates from Google this summer.


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