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How Wpromote and Metric Digital Are Joining Forces To Disrupt The Status Quo

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that digital marketing is constantly changing, and, as a digital marketing agency committed to keeping our clients at the very front of the field, Wpromote is always looking to push the boundaries and find a way to keep ahead of the curve.

Enter Metric Digital, Wpromote’s latest acquisition.

We want to share why we’ve joined forces with Metric Digital and how it’s going to help our clients succeed.

What Makes Metric Digital Different

We talk a lot about disruptors in today’s world, and there’s a huge and ever-growing list of industries that have seen new digital-first businesses come in and shake up the status quo. Technology is a key component in those seismic, industry-wide shifts, but perhaps just as (or even more) essential are the ways these brands have leveraged digital marketing to charge to the top of their respective fields.

That’s why Wpromote empowers its client brands to Think Like A Challenger, and it’s also why Metric Digital is such a powerful addition to the Wpromote family.

Metric Digital specializes in helping digitally native disruptor brands build awareness and rapidly gain market share. But here’s the secret: those capabilities are not accessible only to the next hot new thing in the market. Wpromote and Metric Digital are coming together to enable every brand to leverage the strategies that help the SoulCycles of the world (a Metric Digital client) change entire industries through innovative, out-of-the-box digital marketing.

How Wpromote Is Expanding (And Continuing To Improve For Our Clients)

We’re always looking out for new ways to give our clients an edge in the competitive digital space, from paid search to SEO to social and beyond. Our acquisition of Metric Digital not only allows Wpromote to welcome their incredibly talented team to the 4-time Ad Age Best Place to Work in the U.S., but helps us expand our East Coast footprint, providing even more on-the-ground support to our clients based there.

We’re now at 500 employees (which we’re super excited about!), but even more importantly, we’ve put a lot of thought into building out the perfect team to expand on our clients’ current successes and keep pushing the envelope to get results.

We can’t wait to see what Wpromote and Metric Digital can do together, and that’s only the beginning.

Want to learn more about Wpromote + Metric Digital? Check out the full press release here.

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