Client Profile – Outright: Unique Optimization & Link Building Strategy Shows Impressive Increase In Traffic & Rankings

Situation: Outright, a small business bookkeeping and accounting software company, came to Wpromote looking to optimize their organic rankings in a very competitive industry. Outright wanted to supplement their PPC campaign, which Wpromote had successfully managed for the past 6 months, with an aggressive SEO strategy. Challenges: had a strong URL history, having been archived in 1996, but the competition in their industry is strong. They strived to rank against large online accounting companies such as Intuit, QuickBooks and Peachtree.  In order for Outright to rank competitively, Wpromote needed to thoroughly analyze SEO opportunities and implement not only proven, but unique strategies. Strategy: Wpromote began by performing an in-depth audit of Outright’s website, looking for areas that could be improved upon, and for new opportunities where they could stand out from their competitors. The audit determined that they could significantly improve their rankings through onsite changes and a strong … Continue reading

How To Advertise On Facebook

Thinking about advertising your business on Facebook, but not sure how to do it successfully? With over 800 million active users worldwide, half of whom log on daily, Facebook is a huge venue with great potential for generating a profit. Through a combination of targeting and ad testing, Facebook advertising could be a valuable medium for your business. What makes Facebook so impressive, beyond the pure reach, is its amazing targeting ability. The key to Facebook Advertising is finding out how to successfully reach and capture the attention of potential clients who are in a place where they are not necessarily searching for ads. Inside Facebook’s advertising system, you have the ability to target your demographic based on their age, gender, language preferences, education, relationship status, location, workplace, interests, and connections. How does Facebook find your desired target audience? They use the information that people have entered into their profiles, … Continue reading

How To Create An Infographic

Infographics are an excellent tool for SEO, they are used to organize informative, entertaining, viral, sharable content and ultimately drive inbound links and traffic from other websites to yours. Here at Wpromote, we have been creating these for our clients’ sites and for our own internal efforts. Continue reading to learn more about Infographics, including their benefits, how we build them, why they have been successful for our clients and why they will be successful for you. What is an Infographic? Simply put, it is a visual representation of information and data.  If done correctly, Infographics can be very beneficial to your website and its organic rankings in the search engines. Infographics are used in link building efforts to get links back to the Infographic, and essentially drive traffic to the website that created it. Infographics can be divided in these four categories: educational, humorous, controversial, and newsworthy. To create … Continue reading

The Best of Google Tricks & Search Results

Google is always releasing new products and features, even different versions of their logo on a regular basis. A very small part of their releases include tricks and entertaining search results.  Many of these tricks and results have been around for some time, while others are relatively new, nonetheless if you haven’t seen these fun results, take a minute to browse our top 10 examples. And the drumroll please… 1.    Google “Do a Barrel Roll” – Type this phrase into Google and don’t look away! This was developed by an advanced Google programmer who wanted to show how advanced browsers are today. 2.    Slay The Dragon  – In Google Docs, open any spreadsheet and when you press Shift+F12 (Shift+Function+F12 on a Mac), a message will pop up announcing “Dragon slain! Congratulations, you’ve slain the dragon!” 3.    Google “Askew” or “Tilt” – I wonder how much more traffic “TILT” branded products … Continue reading

Cats vs. Bears vs. Sharks vs. Darth Vader – The 2011 Video Link Bait Smackdown

2011 may forever go down in history as one the best years ever for online “best of” lists… there were a lot. However, amidst the kerfuffle of “best of’s 2011″ banter that pervaded the online space this season, there was a particularly insightful piece run by Adweek about the top 10 commercials of 2011. Aside from essentially being an aggregated list of the top viewed YouTube videos of the past year, the Adweek post gave a pretty comprehensive rundown on the best of the best in anthropomorphic viral phenomenons of 2011. From bear skin rug French directors (RSCG), to cats with thumbs forming street gangs (W+K), to sharks with a taste for “peanut butter Snickers” flavored humans (BBDO), the best of advertising in 2011 was dominated by animals with human like characteristics… and a diminutive Darth Vader (Deutsch L.A.). And, of course, being a link builder, I could not help but … Continue reading

How To Increase Your Clickthrough Rate (CTR) For PPC

It’s a brand new year and if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to whip your online advertising presence into buns of steel-like shape, you’ve come to the right place. Wpromote will be here all year long dishing out valuable, free tips of the trade to help you get your online marketing strategy ripped. 2012 is already ticking by, so let’s get started. In this article, we’ll talk about different ways to improve your PPC Clickthrough Rate (CTR). CTR refers to the number of people who click on your ad out of the overall number of people who view your ad (CTR = Clicks/Impressions x 100). This rate gives advertisers an idea of the effectiveness of a particular ad. So, What is a Good CTR Score? What is considered a “good” CTR will vary widely across industries, keywords and campaigns. This question does not have a simple nor exact … Continue reading