A Smattering of SEO: 7/30/14

Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of SEO news. Much of this past week’s news was dominated by a new animal in the Google kingdom, and by that I mean an algorithm shift, so let’s take a look!   Google News: Google Launches “Pigeon” Local Search Algorithm – This is the big news, folks. A few days ago, Google launched a new algorithm specifically aimed at improving local search. According to Google, the update goes deeper into web search capabilities such as synonyms, the Knowledge Graph, and misspellings. These additions, along with improved distance and location ranking parameters, should help give users better local results. So far it’s already cleared up one problem Google was having with Yelp, in which the local search giant complained their results were being ignored in favor of Google’s. We’re still not sure as to how wide the impact of this new algorithm will … Continue reading

Social Media Mastery: Optimize Your Business LinkedIn


Profile optimization is back (with a new title!) and better than ever. Previously we’ve covered how to get the most out of your personal LinkedIn account, as well as a business Twitter account. This time we’ll be covering how to create a polished company LinkedIn page. So let’s get started! Summary Write a killer summary that’s not too long or too short. 200 words is probably your max. Make what you do or the products/services you offer clear, but don’t drone on about the details. Good example: Adobe. Their summary is creative and engaging while also succinctly describing what it is they do and offer. Keywords LinkedIn pages are great for SEO – they’re credible links that will always turn up high in Google searches. Make sure your company’s page is rich with the kinds of keywords you want to be found for. Put them in your summary, but make … Continue reading

Client Infographic: MyBullFrog.com


Nothing makes your day worse than when your phone dies unexpectedly on you. Check out MyBullFrog.com‘s new Infographic for pro tips on how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you, as well as getting the most out of your cell phone’s battery life. To get more tips for extending your cell phone’s battery life, check out the entire Infographic!

Client Infographic: BookPal


Did you know that 44% North American workers would label themselves as ‘unsatisfied’ in the workplace? Check out BookPal‘s new Infographic that goes over multiple solutions to creating a happier work environment that also encourages improved employee performance. To learn more about how to improve your workplace environment, check out the entire Infographic!

A Smorgasbord of Social Media: 7/25/14


Welcome back for another weekly roundup of all things social media! Today we’re honing in on all things Facebook. They have some great news and updates that we want to be sure to break down for you!   Saved By The…Facebook (Sort Of)! In today’s day and age there’s so much going on around us. Staying on top of our favorite music and movies is a big task. Not to mention we’re also expected to remember all of our friends’ birthdays! Fortunately, Facebook has swooped in and make life a little bit easier for our brains. The new Save feature keeps track of just about anything we’ve had to remember in life.  According to Facebook’s blog in which they released information on the update, “You can save items like links, places, movies, TV and music.” But how helpful is this, really? We already have iCal, the reminder app, Evernote, and other … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO: 7/23/14


Hello my friends, and happy Wednesday! I hope your rankings are up and your traffic is flowing! In SEO news, it felt like a fairly slow Summer week. This isn’t surprising – especially with Matt Cutts on hiatus – but stuff did happen, so let’s take a look!   Google News: Google Slaps Moz’s YouMoz Contributor With Manual Action For Fishy Links – YouMoz, a user-generated SEO blog sponsored by Moz, is supposed to be a safe place for authors to post their content while simultaneously being monitored for unscrupulous practices such as unnatural link building. That plan went awry when one of their writers discovered their website took a hit for a link violation. The author’s content was found to be keyword and link rich, which doesn’t really need to be done anymore. This writer had been getting away with such posts for a while, and because it got past YouMoz reviewers, … Continue reading