9 Visually Appealing Keyword Planner Updates

Today Google released 9 new features to their keyword planner tool. These features make it easier to understand various aspects of search volume by providing visualizations. The new features provide graphs that help us understand the change in search volume over time, how devices contribute to search volume, and how locations contribute to search volume. Below is a list of these new features with screenshots:   1. Specify a time period (Search Volume Trends). Keyword volume will be provided and visualized according to the time period specified in the Date Range section.     2. Flexible time periods / comparison. You are now able to compare search estimates for various periods of time.     When comparison is set to “ON” in the date range section you will see a second serious of visuals.   3. See absolute and relative changes for each ad group and keywords volume. You are now … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 4/23/14


Hello my friends, and welcome to another smattering of SEO news! This week was overall slow, but we had some big news that also seemed to have a big impact. Let’s dive in and take a look!     Google News: Guest Blog Network PostJoint Penalized By Google – Late last week, Matt Cutts confirmed via Twitter that guest blogging network PostJoint has been penalized, around a month after Google penalized another guest blogging network, My Blog Guest. In a blog post on their site, PostJoint claimed that, “We’ve never built a single link to our site” in response to their own Webmaster Tools link alert. A small number of their sites have also been hit with link alerts. This penalty is likely the main cause of many sites dropping in rankings and getting their own alert messages this past week. Google Trends Adds Email Alerts – Google Trends has added a … Continue reading

Client Infographic: Peltz Shoes

The running shoe header

As the weather warms up it can only mean one thing – summer is coming! That being said, it might be time for us coastal dwellers to get swimsuit ready. Running can be a great way to get into shape, but for that type of exercise, it’s important to find the right shoes! Peltz Shoes has a great new Infographic that breaks down the different working parts of a running shoe, and how to find the right fit for you  Check out the entire Infographic by Petlz Shoes and get running today!

A Smorgasbord of Social Media 4/18/14


Twitter Announces Pop-up Notifications On Desktop When users accessed Twitter via Twitter.com this week, a new pop-up notification feature may have greeted them. A notification comes when other users engage with your updates or follow you. They are fully interactive so you can reply, retweet or follow directly from the notification. Users are also able to change the notifications they receive by going to settings option and then to web notifications. Twitter created these notifications as an attempt to make it easier to interact with what’s relevant to you. Some people may have already seen this change, but expect a larger roll out in the coming weeks. Facebook Adds ‘Nearby Friends’ If you have been somewhere and wondered, “Are any of my friends here?” Facebook has got something for you. A new feature, called Nearby Friends, will now notify you when friends are in your vicinity. This new app will … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 4/16/14


Hey folks, happy after-taxes day! I hope the tax season was easy and rewarding for you all, and that you got huge refunds! With that said, we’ve got some great SEO tidbits this week, so let’s dive in and help you forget about tax season that much faster!     Google News: Several States Threaten Legal Action if “Illegal” Sites Aren’t Delisted from Google – The attorneys general in over twenty states are threatening legal action against Google if the search engine doesn’t remove videos and ads promoting illegal products, such as those selling fake prescription drugs. While Google has hired over 100 people to flag these “rogue ads and videos,” that isn’t enough to satisfy the AGs apparently. We’ll keep you apprised as this situation develops. Google Analytics To Diagnose Own Tracking Code – Google is rolling out a beta test version of new feature of Analytics in which … Continue reading

A Smorgasbord of Social Media 4/11/2014


Welcome to another Friday of the Smorgsbord! Let’s get to it! Another Facebook Algorithm Change The Facebook blog has announced yet another update to the newsfeed – a massive spam cleanup. This is another effort towards their goal of “delivering the right content to the right people at the right time.” Furthermore, the update is targeting three different types of spam-like posts. The first being “like-baiting” which is when a post asks readers to like, share or comment on a post. Users found these posts 15% less relevant than other stories and over time report a less enjoyable experience on Facebook. Another change is in “frequently circulated content,” which refers to a piece of content that has been shared and uploaded countless times. Facebook took steps to decrease the amount of times you see the same content and tests are already showing an improvement. Lastly, “spammy links” that try to … Continue reading