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Wpromote Becomes A Facebook Premium Partner

Christina Weir Director | Social Marketing

We’re thrilled to announce Facebook has expanded their partner ecosystem to include agencies and Wpromote has officially been recognized as a Facebook Premium Partner.

Facebook Marketing Partners for Agencies is a tiered benefits program, designed to fuel growth by providing teams with self-serve access to time-saving tools, resources, and education in one digital platform.

The Premium Partner is the highest-level tier, receiving the Facebook Marketing Partners badge in addition to benefits such as 1:1 consultation and educational summits, to empower agency partners to better drive success for their clients.

facebook marketing partner celebration at Wpromote

Once an agency is part of the program (Premium, Preferred, or Account), they automatically have access to a wide variety of tools and resources.

These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Tools: Advertiser Spend Optimization Recommendations and Agency Analytics Reports
  • Resources: Creative and measurement best practices, client decks, and Blueprint Certification Vouchers
  • Training: Best practice training and virtual workshops from the Blueprint, Creative Shop, and Marketing Science teams
  • Support: 1:1 video chat consultations with Marketing Science, Creative Shop, and Solutions Engineering
  • Events: Blueprint Live training, measurement bootcamps, and agency summits

Wpromote is excited to pass along these benefits to our clients and continue to drive growth on social.

facebook partnerships


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