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Facebook Case Study: Increasing Online Sales Using Facebook Automatic Placements

Christina Weir Director | Social Marketing

Connected Apparel is a true Challenger Brand. See how this recent Facebook Case Study shows how their Challenger Mindset drove increased performance.

The US women’s fashion brand ran a campaign to test whether it was more efficient to use Facebook’s automatic placements feature or individual ad placements, and found that automatic placements drove 72% higher sales.

We are an established brand just starting out online, and Facebook has been critical in helping us grow sales month over month. With Facebook’s automatic placements feature, we were able to take our ad efforts a step further. Now we aren’t just reaching our customers where they are. We’re serving them ads that actually resonate and are spending our ad dollars more effectively.

-Leanna Balaban, Director of Marketing & E-Commerce, Connected Apparel

Using Facebook split tests helped take the guesswork out of what type of placements to run. With automatic placements, Connected Apparel grew its total reach while improving efficiency and relevancy.

-Alexis Demandante, Senior Social Manager, Wpromote

Read the full Connected Apparel Facebook Case Study to learn how our Challenger Mindset led to success.

We’re grateful for the team of Challengers who helped make this happen:

  • Alexis Demandante, Senior Social Manager, Wpromote
  • Leanna Balaban, Director of Marketing & E-Commerce, Connected Apparel
  • Michelle McKelvey, Partner Manager, Facebook
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