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Delivering Digital Insights For Private Equity At The Sun Capital Summit

Elizabeth McCumber

Private equity firms and portfolio companies are constantly seeking growth and search for opportunities to fuel the bottom line. Sun Capital, a global private equity firm focused on identifying companies’ untapped potential and leveraging deep financial resources to transform results, sought to combine leaders from their 40+ portfolio companies with the innovative marketing and business ideas that will make an impact.

The Sun Capital Summit was held January 29-31, 2019 in South Florida and included a day devoted to marketing tactics and strategies. From digital intelligence to content marketing, the topics honed in on the most important trends for today’s leading brands.

Michael Mothner, Wpromote Founder & CEO, gave the digital keynote. His topics, “5 Transformational Shifts to Accelerate Business Growth,” demonstrated how companies must adjust their perspective on digital marketing to continue to grow–and survive. He urged companies to avoid “dying a profitable death” by leveraging data and optimizing for profit instead of other popular KPIs.

Michael Mothner, CEO & Founder of Wpromote, presenting at Sun Capital Summit.

Simon Poulton, Senior Director of Digital Intelligence at Wpromote, also spoke at the Summit. Through comparisons to rugby and examples of current tracking woes, he explained how data can be both helpful and misleading. He made a case for updated attribution modeling, showing how digital intelligence needs to keep up with customers who are using a variety of channels and devices.

The Summit reflected Sun Capital’s focus on the future, working to expand attendees’ digital knowledge and inspire them to innovate. With a dedicated PE offering, Wpromote has both the digital expertise and industry background to be a perfect fit for the event. Sun Capital and Wpromote have partnered to best serve portfolio companies and generate a higher level of growth and success.

Attendees heard directly from industry leaders, including those from Google, Bain Consulting, Audience Partners, Coveris, and more.

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