Good insights require good data - and the human expertise to transform those insights into a larger brand story. At Wpromote, we understand the importance of empowering business leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions.

We Speak Data

You're not alone...

Many CMOs struggle to find marketers who speak data, or data specialists who speak marketing. At Wpromote, our DI specialists fluently speak both, empowering marketing leadership with data insights that use their terminology and align with their business goals. With our Digital Intelligence team, we’ll propel your Digital Marketing by:

Developing Custom Data Collection Solutions

Applying Advanced Statistics To Create Attribution & Lifetime Value Models

Providing Ongoing Measurement Analysis That Informs Strategy

Democratizing Analytics Beyond The Realm Of Statistician


Gayle Milling, CMO

“The team at Wpromote was instrumental in helping to develop an overall attribution strategy and the execution against that attribution strategy to ensure we had data integrity, tagging, and clear path‑to‑purchase funnel measurement and tracking. They also are strong strategic partners in generating actionable insights from the data. That, coupled with their enthusiasm and “can do” attitude, makes them a fantastic partner to work with!”

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Driving Smart Business Decisions

Our experienced team of measurement experts, developers, and data scientists will create custom data collection solutions and design forward-thinking measurement strategies, setting you up for success with industry-leading support.


Home to some of the nation’s best Measurement Strategists, Wpromote’s Digital Intelligence team’s extensive background in marketing enables them to understand marketers’ biggest pain points and allows them to leverage advanced statistical models and data collection challenges from both sides of the problem. They’re ready to align with your business goals and provide a roadmap for sustainable growth.

  • Align With Executive Stakeholders Around KPIs
  • Develop Link Tracking Solutions & Define Attribution Parameter Scope
  • Perform Ongoing Analysis & Provide Strategic Direction
  • Obtain & Leverage Multi-Channel Funnel Attribution Insights
Data Engineering & Development

Our in-house data engineers love a good challenge, because every challenge presents an opportunity for Wpromote to create more value for your business. Let our team craft innovative data collection solutions for your website and advertising tracking needs, including:

  • Implementing Ecommerce & Enhanced Ecommerce Solutions
  • Developing Custom JavaScript For Advanced Data Collection
  • Set Up of Scripts & Triggers for 3rd Party Tags
  • Enabling Events To Track User Engagement & Goal Completion
Data Science

Wpromote’s data scientists are pioneers of the field, and they will construct unique experiments and apply the right statistical models to help you answer your most complex marketing challenges with confidence. Our cutting edge machine learning tools can comb billions of connections to identify and predict your most profitable existing customers, target new potential customers, and tackle challenges like:

  • Cost-Per-Acquisition & Profit Modeling
  • Predictive Customer Lifetime Value
  • Predictive Customer Churn Modeling
  • Online-to-Offline Experimental Design & Analysis
  • Cross-Platform Multi-Touch Modeling

Make a positive change to your marketing efforts and see how Wpromote can help.

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Awards & Recognition
A Leader in Digital Intelligence
The Wpromote Digital Intelligence Team won the Oracle Transformational Technology award for the use of the platform in the development of pLTV models and other predictive solutions for digital marketing. Learn More
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