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Wpromote's Mission To Turn Challengers Into Champions


It’s almost March, and if you’re someone who lives by #ThinkLikeAChallenger, you know what that means: Challenger Month is right around the corner! Each March, Wpromote hosts our 30 Days a Challenger initiative to share how Wpromote employees challenge themselves and their clients to think and act like Challengers.

This year, we have an even more exciting announcement to share. In the spirit of challenging ourselves to constantly strive for that next goal and never settle for good when we can be great, we’ve created a brand new mission statement:

Wpromote Turns Challengers Into Champions

Our mission to turn our Challenger brands into the Champions of their industries has always been the very heart of Wpromote, and our new mission statement reflects that drive. We’re scrappy fighters and innovative thinkers always ready to dismantle the status quo and push back the boundaries of what’s possible. Our mission statement in full reads:

“We Turn Challengers Into Champions. Our mission is to deliver exciting, measurable growth for our clients and create a culture of fun, respect, and passion for our talented team.”

All throughout the month of March, look for us to be incorporating our mission statement into everything we do. Make sure you’re following Wpromote social media (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) so you don’t miss a day of #30DaysAChallenger. Share with us below how you plan to #ThinkLikeAChallenger this month and throughout the rest of 2019!



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