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Video Marketing Value Fight Night! YouTube Vs. Vimeo (Infographic)


Believe it or not, if you’re a business owner, you can do a lot more with online video besides dressing your cat up as a Batman villain. I know… crazy, right?

Yes, the world of online video marketing is a veritable digital El Dorado for those intrepid enough to venture into the murky waters of video production for small business marketing. However, the question still remains, which platform is the right one for your unique video content requirements?

Is it Vimeo, With its abundance of breathtaking production and small but influential community of video professionals? Or is it YouTube, with its massive audience and multinational reach and advertising potential. Accordingly, we here at Wpromote decided to craft this Infographic to help settle the debate. Enjoy.

retro designed infographic comparing Vimeo and youtube

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