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Benefits To Hiring A Single Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Kayleigh Love

With an endless number of players in the digital space, finding the right digital marketing agency to promote your brand is no small feat.

It can be difficult to narrow down your options for an agency to manage your digital marketing efforts, which may result in choosing multiple vendors for different services. There are several benefits to running all of your digital marketing services with one full-service agency.

  • The Convenience Of Having A Singular Point Of Contact: When all of your digital channels are serviced through one agency, you save yourself the time and effort of reaching out to multiple vendors. By allowing one agency to manage your marketing efforts, time is consolidated by decreasing the number of strategy calls and quarterly business reviews, giving you more time to focus on your business goals.
    Full-service digital marketing agencies often have a comprehensive team of marketers who specialize in multiple areas. Having several experts on one team allows for high-level collaboration that would not be available if each channel was housed under a different agency, which leads us to our next point.
  • Cohesive Strategies: Because your account manager and team are familiar with your entire portfolio, they will be able to provide strategic account management that represents your company cohesively. When running services with multiple vendors, you run the risk of delayed updates on differing channels. Utilizing a main account manager can ensure that any necessary shifts of focus are consistently implemented throughout the various services in your portfolio.
    For example, Agency ‘A’ which is managing your paid search campaigns, may strategize to use keywords that are not currently being used in phrasing on your SEO strategy by Agency ‘B’. When this occurs, we will typically recommend a change in strategy to the content on your website in order to improve the quality scores of our search keyword targeting. If Agency ‘A’ was managing your SEO efforts as well, it is ensured that nothing will get lost in translation as requests get communicated from Agency ‘A’ > your company > Agency ‘B’.
  • Consistent Voice For Brand Messaging: In addition to ensuring cohesive strategies, there is a benefit of having consistency in brand voice and messaging throughout your digital portfolio. When you have one strategy session, instead of several with different vendors, you have a smaller risk of miscommunication. Your agency will create ads using your brand color scheme, logo and voice to ensure your brand is recognizable in your industry. This is incredibly valuable as consumers shift between channels and expect cohesive messaging.
  • Thorough Understanding Of Goals & Lead Tracking: At the end of the day, goals vary by industry. Hiring an agency that services your industry ensures a thorough understanding of your company’s goals, and seasoned expertise with data-driven strategy to back up their methods. When you place the trust of your marketing efforts with a single vendor, your goal tracking will be consistent across channels. This allows you to streamline your data.
  • Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting: In reference to our last point, if all of your channels are managed with the same agency, then all of your reporting will be available on one dashboard. Your unique reporting dashboard will have a breakdown of your performance by channel, eliminating manual data consolidation before presenting to colleagues. The consolidation in the number of reports and phone calls with your dedicated account manager increases your bandwidth to focus on your internal tasks and responsibilities.
  • Cost Efficiency & Convenience Of Payments: When you choose to work with one full-service digital agency, you have better control of your budget  – especially if minimum management fees apply due to lower channel spends. Another benefit of pushing your digital marketing spend through one agency is the convenience of payment options. Rather than paying multiple invoices, your accounts payable team has only one payment to track.

As you can see, there are many benefits to housing all of your digital marketing efforts through a singular agency.

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