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These Are Not The Planets You're Looking For…


If there is one thing you can complain about in the original Star Wars Trilogy, it is that the Death Star only destroyed one planet in the movies. Yes, technically the Death Star I destroyed a planet (Despayre) before Alderaan, but we want to see the explosions, not just hear about them! We’re all tired of the endless speculation about JJ Abrams’ new Star Wars film, so we decided to expand on this question instead: Can the Death Star destroy planets in our own solar system?
The answer: Why yes, yes it can. Check out this Infographic that highlights the energy required by the Death Star I to destroy all the planets we know and love. Nerd out a little… It’s a little bit of science and a little bit of awesome to brighten your day.

Kristian-Tumangan-Deathstar-engery-to-destroy-solar-system copy

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