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Good360 - The Profound Impact Of A Hurricane [Infographic]


The destructive force of a hurricane is so vast that it’s difficult to describe. Meteorologists can determine the speed of the wind and the overall size, but cannot predict the damage that a hurricane will cause. Financial and economic data gathered after a storm has passed can assist in assessing a close estimate of the impact. While these methods can describe the costs in terms of lost businesses, damaged property, recovery relief expenses, and support for displaced families, they do little to measure the lasting emotional effects on survivors. In a time of recovery, quick access to adequate aid is critical, but sometimes it can take many years to repair all of the harm that is done. Good360‘s new infographic takes a closer look at all the different ways hurricanes can have an impact on a community.

hurricane infographic

To get a better idea of just how severely one of these storms can disrupt a region, check out the infographic!


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