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What Is The Difference Between A Resource Center & A Blog?

Ariel Kozicki

You may have heard that you should have both a blog and a resource center for your website. Universities, lead gen sites, Ecommerce websites, and almost any industry can benefit from having these different content channels. But what really goes into each? Why are they any different from each other? Find out the top tips for what you should include on your blog vs. in your website’s resource center.

Resource Centers:

A content resource center can help to organize and publish your content in a way that makes it easy for users to find and share the content they need. As opposed to offering more seasonal topics that may become dated or buried within a blog, a resource center should have a select few evergreen topics to start out with.

  • How Tos
  • White Papers
  • Guides
  • Checklists
  • DIYs (less seasonal ones)
  • Videos
  • Infographics

The value of a resource center can be illustrated by increased traffic and keyword rankings over time. Here is an example of a Wpromote client with incredible keyword improvements after the creation of a new resource center:

Wpromote Client Resource Center - Total Keyword Rankings

Wpromote Client Resource Center – Total Keyword Rankings


Blogs can be updated with typically much greater frequency than resource centers, and can include much more seasonal, timely, and trendy topics than a resource center piece would. For example:

  • Seasonal Topics
  • Newsworthy Pieces
  • New Product Highlights
  • Current Industry Trends/Updates
  • Recurring Series – i.e. Productivity Tips

To illustrate the ongoing value of a blog in continuing long tail keyword rankings and bolstering striking distance search terms, here is an example of another Wpromote client that saw great success from continued updates to their blog:

Chart: Wpromote Client Blog - Total Keyword Rankings Over Time

Wpromote Client Blog – Total Keyword Rankings Over Time

So What Should My Resource Center Look Like?

We’re glad you asked. Make sure to lay out your resource center in a fun, visually appealing way. Our client, PAPYRUS, has both a blog and a resource center, each for a unique purpose. Building out a resource center may even help you to garner some coveted quick answer results:

Google results for writing in a greeting card

Not Just Number One, But A Google Quick Answer!

PAPYRUS Resources Vs. PAPYRUS Blog

PAPYRUS Resources Vs. PAPYRUS Blog

Essentially, blogs and resource centers can differ in the frequency level of publishing, as well as in terms of quality. While we want all blog posts and resource pieces to be incredibly high quality, resource centers can be much more selective and limited in what is chosen to feature, whereas the blog could be updated several times a week. Both blogs and resource articles are extremely valuable for generating keyword rankings, but the strategy behind each will be very different.

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