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Case Study: Landing Page Optimization & Testing For Lead Capture Page

Marcy Zuendel

Wpromote’s small business landing page is one of our primary lead generators where we drive the majority of our paid traffic and partner referral traffic. The ultimate goal of this page is to get visitors to fill out a form for a marketing consultation from one of our sales representatives. With our company mantra of “always test everything” we decided to run a series of conversion optimization tests to see how we could improve our lead capture page.

We were happy with the information that existed on this lead capture page, however we felt that we could improve the overall presentation by making adjustments to the design, layout, focal points and calls to action. Our goal was to design a new landing page that would outperform the current page, and then continue testing various aspects of the page to further improve its conversion rate.

Landing Page VersionsTo improve our landing page conversion rate, we ran the following series of optimization tests over a 6-month period of time:

  1. A/B Test
  2. B/C Test
  3. Button Call to Action Test
  4. Headline Copy Test
  5. Video vs Non-Video vs Video (No-Auto Play)

A/B Landing Page Test

To begin, we designed an entirely new landing page to test against our old page. All content was essentially the same, just laid out in a more direct and engaging fashion. Example changes include:

  • Added an Arrow Pointing to CTA
  • Highlighted a Testimonial
  • Shortened Copy at Top of Page
  • Moved Client Logos Higher
  • Changed the Main Image Used

Result = Version B Increased Conversion Rate 14.71%

B/C Landing Page Test

Our new landing page had outperformed our old page, but not as drastically as we had hoped. We saw several areas we could still improve upon and opted to create a third landing page to test, before moving on to multivariate testing.

Changes included:

  • Added Mini Case Studies
  • Included a Chat with Rep Button
  • Reduced Vertical Space in Header
  • Changed Buttons to Check Marks

Result = Version C Increased Conversion Rate 1.92%

Button Call To Action Test

After determining the winning landing page, we opted to run a multivariate test to continue to increase our landing page conversion rate. Since the form button is the main action on the page, it was important to find the best call to action copy. We opted to test 4 variations of copy for the button, which included the following:Button Copy Variations

Result = “Next” Increased Conversion Rate 34.38%

Headline Test

The next major focal point on the landing page was the headline. Headlines are one of the first things that users read when arriving to the page, and should quickly relay what the page is promoting and the benefits. We chose the following three variations of copy to test: 

Result = “Fast, Easy & Affordable Online Marketing” Increased Conversion Rate 4.52%

Summary Of Results

Through ongoing optimization the conversion rate has increased from 4.08% to 6.70%, which is a 64% increase overall.

Summary of results


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