Online Marketing Resources

Welcome to Wpromote University’s online marketing resources section. This is where you’ll find helpful learning aids based on your topic of interest, specific need, and learning style!

If you know where you’re going, don’t let us keep you. Below you’ll find quick links to the most popular resources. For the Wpromote University student who’s new to campus, check out the descriptions of our five learning resource avenues, and feel free to explore.

  • Experiments

    Browse our archive of Wpromote-conducted online marketing experiments! Similar to MythBusters, our aim is to verify or challenge aspects of the industry. Curious whether what you’ve been hearing on a certain topic is correct? See if we can find out for you here.

  • Webinars

    Develop fresh insight on a familiar topic or get an overview of something entirely new with live, interactive webinars from online marketing industry professionals. Check out upcoming events or browse our archive by topic here.

  • White Papers

    We created our white papers to educate potential clients, existing clients, and industry enthusiasts alike on all things related to online marketing. From traditional online marketing avenues to must-know tips and tricks of the trade, we aim to help lead you down the path to advertising success. View them here.

  • SEM FAQs

    Wpromote University offers quick answers to commonly asked SEM-related questions. Whether you’re in a time crunch, have an interest in dabbling, or simply appreciate the fine art of brevity, this is the page for you. Get an answer to your question here.

  • SEM Glossary

    The SEM world is filled with technical jargon and acronyms (take the phrase SEM, for instance). Come across a term you’re not familiar with? Search our alphabetical glossary here.

  • Videos

    Learn more about what it’s like to be a Wpromoter! Check out our videos page and see more about what makes us tick. Some we’ve produced ourselves, others we’ve been honored to take part in, but they all make up an important part of Wpromote.

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