Technical SEO Guides

Technical SEO may not be as exciting as the other elements of SEO, but without a strong technical foundation your SEO campaign will become far more difficult. Check out below all of our in-depth guides on Technical SEO.

The Best SEO Guides

  • Robots.txt Guide

    Whether you’re looking to understand what a robots.txt file is or how you should utilize your current file, check out our guide to get all your robots.txt questions answered.

  • Voice Search SEO: The Ultimate Guide For 2018 & Beyond

    Looking to do voice search SEO but are tired of reading the same tired strategies from 2015? Read our ultimate guide to voice search to learn how to optimize for voice search in 2018 and beyond!

  • How To Create A Company Wikipedia Page In 5 Steps

    Trying to create a company wiki page but find the abundance of article creation guidelines overwhelming? Check out this post to simplify the process!

  • YouTube Best Practices

    Capitalize on the process of optimizing a video once it’s been uploaded to YouTube to increase usability, traffic, and SEO value.

  • What Is 'Not Provided,' Its History, & What One Can Do About It

    Not sure what Not Provided is all about? Read our handy guide to learn all about it!

  • Google Analytics Filters

    Need to weed out useless data from your Google Analytics profile? Learn all about the proper use of filters here!

  • SEO Image Optimization Guide

    Search engines can't see images the same way a person does; learn about the additional text identifiers your images need in order for search engines to get a full understanding of your content.

  • Website Migration Guide & Checklist

    Site migrations can be difficult, and if done wrong there can be significant damage to your online business. Learn how to properly migrate your site here!

  • Google Quick Answers Guide

    Ranking for Google Quick Answers can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website. Learn all about Quick Answers here, including how to rank for them.

  • SEO for Mobile Guide

    While many desktop SEO best practices apply to mobile, there are some important things to keep in mind for mobile devices - especially when it comes to user experience, design, and performance. But first, why should you care about mobile anyways?

  • Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing

    A/B testing allows SEO professionals to experiment with how a change made to a client’s website would influence a KPI - and avoid the risk of making the wrong choice.

  • Page Speed Guide

    Learn about what page speed and site speed are, and why they are important for SEO.

  • Creating Accelerated Mobile Pages on WordPress

    This guide will help take you step by step though the process of installing and setting up the AMP plugin for your WordPress blog.

  • Hreflang Guide

    Proper use of hreflang is incredibly important for international websites and businesses, as well as websites that have users from multiple languages visiting the site.

  • SEO Canonicalization Guide

    Canonicalization is necessary to establish a single true web page that takes precedence over all other versions in the eyes of the search engines.

  • HTTP to HTTPs Migration Guide

    Learn how to take your site from HTTP to HTTPS from one of our own who has done this himself!

  • Guide to Structured Data

    Structured data, also referred to as schema markup, are code snippets added to a webpage’s HTML to provide users and search engines with more information about the page.

  • 301 Redirect Guide

    A 301 redirect is a permanent way of moving a web page from its existing URL to a new URL. It automatically takes both users and search engine crawlers from the old location to the new one.

  • On-Site SEO Basics

    Learn the technical tools of the trade with our On-Site SEO cheat sheet to master how to properly optimize a website.

  • SEO Basics: How to Look for Dark Traffic

    Ever wonder how to locate the dark traffic your site is getting? Check out our guide to learn how you can identify the dark traffic for your site.

  • SEO Basics: The XML Sitemap

    Learn how to build and optimize your XML Sitemap to help search engines more accurately crawl your site.

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