What Facebook’s Data Changes Mean for Your Digital Strategy

See the 3 major ways the platform is changing and learn how to successfully adapt.

Navigating The Future Of Facebook

Facebook’s recent changes have left digital marketers, brands, agencies, and media companies to question where the dust is going to settle. We have seen many companies take a “wait and see” approach and in some extreme cases even quit the platform altogether.

Success depends on
your ability to be agile
For high-growth companies leveraging digital marketing, success is dependent on the ability to act with agility in spite of change and adapt to ever-evolving digital landscapes quickly and at scale. While other companies with expansive media budgets can afford to take a back seat and wait for the impact to reach them, challenger companies must be pioneers if they want to remain competitive and capitalize on opportunity.

Wpromote, the leading digital marketing agency for Challenger brands looking to steal market share, breaks down how to navigate Facebook’s recent privacy and data changes. Armed with expert insight, you’ll be able to accelerate your digital marketing in a post-Cambridge Analytica world.

Evaluating The Aftermath

Despite concerns and predictions that wavering consumer trust would trickle down to decreased use, Facebook’s current daily active users and monthly active users are massive and huge opportunities remain across Facebook’s Family of Apps. The recent changes do, however, strive to put the control of data into the hands of consumers in larger ways than we could have anticipated.

Huge opportunities remain for companies that know how to navigate and adapt

Here Are The Top Three Changes To Facebook You Need To Know

Audience Insights Tool
You can no longer use the tool with Custom Audience Data. The tool still exists and can be used for insights into people connected to your page and other general groups of people based on interests, location, life events, etc.
Custom Audiences
You can no longer see reach estimates for the custom audiences within a variety of Facebook tools (Ads Manager, Campaign Planner, Dynamic Ads, Delivery Insights, Audience Insights, Reach & Frequency, Audience Manager, Ads API). In the coming months, Facebook will be implementing a custom audience permissions tool to enable advertisers to work with service providers (such as agencies) to manage audiences on their behalf (Q2 2018).
Third-Party Data Access
You can no longer use Partner Categories (audiences created by third-party data providers) as a targeting solution (May 25, 2018 for EU, October 1, 2018 for US). As of July 1, 2018, you will also no longer have 3rd party API access directly to Facebook.

How PE Portfolio Companies Need To Structure Their Facebook Acquisition Efforts To Take Advantage Of These Changes

Strategy: Holistic Brand Planning

Plan ahead to develop a comprehensive strategy including brand messaging, persona development, value propositions, and creative direction

Use social listening tools to gain insights on custom audiences

Creative: Disruptive Development

Design for each platform and follow best practice guidelines to enhance performance

Be intentional with the design aesthetic, messaging, and goals

Ads: Testing, Units & Placement Diversity

Test a variety of creative and audiences

Use audience response to creative (performance KPIs) to inform direction rather than relying on insights to inform direction

Test a variety of ad units and placements in order to explore untapped opportunities that resonate with various audiences and serve ads where the audience prefers to consume media (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger, etc.)

Dynamic: Trust Real-Time User Behavior Signals

Build a first-party data strategy to get the best advertising performance

Optimize your pixel and Feed

  • Implement Sophisticated Pixel Tracking - both measurement and targeting

  • Invest Resources into the Product Feed to ensure you are serving the best  content to retargeting & prospecting audiences

Use Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences

Maintaining Brand Trust In Light Of Recent Events

While these kinds of changes can cause marketing headaches, you can navigate changes and take advantage of new opportunities with the right strategy. Without leveraging the right social opportunities, you may be missing out on potential growth.

We are a leading digital agency with the capabilities to help our clients adapt quickly and even find areas of opportunity where others see obstacles. Our team is comprised of dedicated experts across every social and digital channel, capable of navigating companies through these challenging times.

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