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10 Things You Missed At The Challenger Summit

Elizabeth McCumber

This blog is part of a series on Wromote’s Challenger Summit. You can check out the recap and other posts here.

Miss the inaugural Challenger Summit? Check out a few of our personal favorite moments (and yes, we do love food…).

1. A Delicious Doughnut Wall Just For Challengers

Doughnut wall for challengers at the Challenger Summit.

2. An Intense Leg Workout From ConBody Co-Founder & CEO, Coss Marte

ConBody exercises taking place during Challenger Summit.

3. Keynote Speaker, Robert Tercek’s, Vision Of The Digital Future

Keynote Speaker, Robert Tercek, presenting at Challenger Summit.

4. Sweet Caffeinated Treats From B Sweet Bakery

Treats from B Sweet Bakery at Challenger Summit.


5. Live Painting At The Bungalow

Living painting taking place at The Bungalow for the Challenger Summit.

6. Good Laughs Courtesy Of Don’t Tell Comedy

Don’t Tell Comedy putting on a comedy show at Challenger Summit.


As well as:

  1. How Afterpay Co-Founder & CEO Nick Molnar build a billion-dollar business.
  2. The inside scoop on video from Google Head of Video Insights, Carly Potock.
  3. A tasty presentation from SnackNation CMO & Co-Founder Any Mackensen.
  4. The four things you need to start leveraging LTV according to Mike Mothner, Wpromote Founder & CEO.
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