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We love getting to share Challenger success. A recent Facebook Case Study with Teepublic shows how brands can drive results even in crowded markets. 

Teepublic, an indie art ecommerce site, used Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for broad audiences to bring in new customers more efficiently by showing them relevant products, increasing return on ad spend by 98%. To drive efficiency and revenue, they used a range of Facebook products, including Dynamic Ads, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences. 

“We realized that due to the breadth and depth of our product range, there was no way we could manually scale our prospecting efforts. We let Facebook’s broad audience tool do the heavy lifting for us and we were able to scale our new customer acquisition efforts at a faster rate and also see amazing results.”

– Adam Lasky, Director of Marketing, Teepublic 

“TeePublic leveraged the Facebook Ads Manager interface to its fullest potential through advanced testing and measurement. In turn, they saw great success on the Facebook Family of Apps in terms of return and gaining new customers at an efficient cost.”

-Darien Fehn, Senior Social Manager, Wpromote 

Read the full Teepublic Facebook Case Study to learn how applying a Challenger Mindset can lead to success.

We’re grateful for the team of Challengers who helped make this happen: 

  • Adam Lasky, Director of Marketing, Teepublic 
  • Darien Fehn, Senior Social Manager, Wpromote 
  • Julia Tziolis, Account Manager, Facebook 
  • Michelle McKelvey, Partner Manager, Facebook


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