10 Future-Proof Mobile Strategies

Guaranteeing A Winning Mobile Campaign For Today & The Future

It’s no secret to observant digital marketers that mobile is on the rise, rapidly becoming the most ubiquitous way for all users to access the Internet.

Mobile has been overtaking desktop as the predominant platform for all traffic over the last few years, growing to more than 50% of the market when it comes to Ecommerce. This reflects a fundamental shift in the way audiences and consumers interact with the Internet and with businesses. More people are becoming accustomed to searching on the go, performing localized searches on the fly, and this number will only continue to grow.

Mobile-focused campaigns can boost in-store sales as well. Proper allocation of dollars to mobile campaigns, thanks to accurate measurement of cross-device and local in-store impact, will help drive new-to-file customers and give your business the full value of your mobile ad campaigns.



This white paper will examine how each core digital marketing service can be mobile-optimized, concluding
with a summary of strategies your business can incorporate to be mobile-friendly and ready.

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How Much Of U.S. Retail Ecommerce Sales Did Mobile Account For In 2016?


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  • $115B

    of retail Ecommerce
    sales were from mobile in 2016

  • $1.4 Trillion

    of retail sales were
    mobile-influenced store sales

  • 12X More

    mobile-influenced store sales vs. mobile Ecommerce


Mobile friendliness is king. If your business’s website isn’t already mobile-optimized, that should be one of your immediate next priorities. Recognize the difference between mobile-optimized and mobile-responsive, as the latter may actually reduce mobile usability by:

  • Giving headers too much space and pushing text below the fold
  • Making body text and CTAs, including buttons, too small
  • Generating popups and interstitials that consume too much real estate or are too hard to close out

Rich cards grant top-of-page positioning for Cabot, measurably boosting their organic visibility and clickthrough rates.


What percentage of mobile users will leave a website if they become frustrated with the site’s navigation?


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67% of mobile users will leave a website with poorly designed navigation, and 72% of mobile users will exit out of a site if it loads too slowly.

If your site is already mobile-friendly, then there are other SEO mobile tactics you can focus on. If you have physical locations, go through the online directories that list them and ensure they’re all up to date. Other updates to make are:

  • AMPs

    Accelerated Mobile Pages are great for content, but may move to other page types in the future: eBay just rolled AMPs out site-wide, for example

  • Rich Cards

    The latest trend for rich snippets in the SERPs. Currently rich cards are only available for movies and recipes, but this format could easily take over other types of rich snippet/schema results in the future

  • Mobile Page Speed/Usability

    Mobile friendliness is already a critical organic ranking factor, but page speed is also being rolled into the algorithm

  • Voice Search

    People are increasingly using voice search on their mobile devices. Long tail, conversational keywords are thus increasing in value

  • App Use/Indexation

    Users are spending more time on mobile apps than mobile browsers. Ensuring your app is indexed and utilizing deep linking will become the norm going forward


So what, in short, are the strategies you can be employing right now to future-proof your business on mobile? Here’s the summarized list of tactics you can and should be using:


Make your site mobile-optimized instead of just mobile-responsive


Optimize your local directory listings to boost your rankings in mobile local search


Employ tactics like AMPs, rich cards, long tail keywords for voice search, getting your app indexed, and optimizing your mobile page speed and usability


Utilize geo-targeted ads to take advantage of mobile local search


Tie offline purchases to online advertising through new attribution methods


Create purpose-built mobile campaigns by choosing the base device through bid by device


Advertise on social apps, especially Facebook


Employ Local Awareness social media campaigns to drive in-store visits through mobile


Ensure all of your emails are responsively designed


Utilize your ESP to create in-store SMS campaigns that can work with or build on your existing email campaigns

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