A Plethora of PPC News: 7/25/13


Happy Thursday, everyone! Who’s in the mood for some exciting news from the world of PPC management? I’ll just assume that everyone is raising their hands right now, so let’s get to it! Below are some of the most interesting developments in the field of online advertising in the past week. Enjoy!   The biggest story of the week is one of the first positive pieces of news for Facebook’s ad team in a long while. Over the last quarter, Facebook’s mobile ad revenue has jumped by almost double. This made Zuck and the Facebook crew both very happy and a lot of money on Wall Street. Many consider mobile to be the battleground of the future and with Facebook making such a strong showing in the last 90 days, Google might be shaking in its boots! Speaking of Wall Street, Google posted modest profit increases this past quarter but … Continue reading

10 Secrets to Save Money Shopping Online: Taking Advantage of Marketing Strategies


With 74% of the population using the Internet, online shopping continues to grow and online marketers continue to enhance the psychological factors that influence people to click “purchase” without them even realizing.  By 2016, Americans are expected to spend a staggering $327 billon on Internet stores and 58% of the U.S. population will have contributed.  People are shopping online for the ease, speed, and to SAVE MONEY. As a result, companies have been focusing on increasing their online footprints with the help of online marketers such as Wpromote.  Online marketers are constantly gathering data to gain a better understanding of search behaviors and the psychological factors that increase the likelihood of a purchase.  Factors range from the keywords customers are searching, mind-sets that match keywords being searched, results being chosen, actions being taken on landing pages to the color and shape of the purchase button. They are the cats and … Continue reading

Client Video Infographic: IFA Auto

IFA Auto Garage Infographic

You might not realize it, but the US is pretty unique in that nearly everyone owns a car. That being said, almost all homes have a garage to store these beloved vehicles. As it turns out, garages aren’t just for cars anymore… Discover fun facts about the evolution of garages in IFA Auto’s newest Infographic. From living spaces and garage bands to tech start ups; this video Infographic will change the way you think about garages. Just think, what could you do with your garage? Do you have a cool garage? Be sure to submit a picture on IFA Facebook page for your chance to win up to $500!

A Plethora of PPC News: 7/18/13

ppc meme

Good afternoon, everyone! Due to the wild popularity of our own Brian Rubin’s weekly post, “A Smattering of SEO News,” we’ve decided to dedicate a weekly post to the other side of the search coin: the side you have to pay for! Wpromote has been an authority of PPC management since 2001 and we keep our eyes peeled for breaking news related to AdWords developments, paid search updates, and online media trends on an ongoing basis. How selfish would we be if we didn’t share them with you? Below are some links to some fascinating articles on the latest in the world of PPC:   Recently, Google introduced unique product identifier requirements for Product Listing Ads (PLAs). If you don’t remember such an exciting announcement, you’re probably not alone, however, that doesn’t exempt you from having to follow the rules. Read up now because enforcement is already in effect and … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 7/15/13


Hello everyone, and welcome to the smattering of SEO news for the week ending July 12th. As the year chugs along, so does the SEO news, and we have a few fun tidbits for you today. Enjoy! Google News: Cutts: Your Site Won’t Be Delisted if Down for 24 Hours or Less – According to a recent video by Matt Cutts, if your site experiences a temporary outage that lasts less than twenty-four hours, your site’s listings in Google shouldn’t be impacted at all. If, however, your site is down for forty-eight hours or more, there’s a decent chance your site will be removed from the index, at least temporarily. Google Reportedly Paying AdBlock Plus to Have Their Ads Whitelisted – According to Australian news site Horizont, Google and other companies are paying AdBlock Plus and their parent company, Eyeo, to have their ads whitelisted so those using the extension … Continue reading

The New Google Search Carousel is Changing Local Search


Google changes its colors quicker than a chameleon, but this is no surprise to the marketers that have braved Google Penguin and Panda over the last two years. But, lately, it seems like Google is on a focused mission to “outdo itself” and as a result we are seeing numerous changes to the search engine in shorter periods of time. The newest addition affects local search, and though it resembles a long, black film strip, Google has named it a “carousel.” According to a recent announcement by Google… “Starting today, when you search Google for restaurants, bars or other local places on your desktop, you’ll see an interactive “carousel” of local results at the top of the page. Give it a go – type or say “mexican restaurants,” or try any similar search for restaurants, bars or hotels. Click on one of the places in the carousel to get more … Continue reading