A Smattering of SEO News: 5/20/13


Hello, and welcome to the Smattering of SEO News for the week ending May 17th! There was even more than the usual amount of Google news in the last week, due to both the I/O conference and other newsworthy happenings, as well as some good news for Bing. Let’s get to it. Google News Matt Cutts Details Upcoming Google Algorithm Changes – In a  recent video, Matt Cutts detailed ten changes we would be seeing from Google in the coming months that would seriously affect SEO efforts. These include the next major version of Penguin (being labeled Penguin 2.0), a stronger stance against advertorials, stronger targeting of link spammers and a softening of Panda. We will definitely have to keep an eye out on these changes in the coming months. Polls Claim Only Small Number of Sites Recovered from Penguin – In an informal poll taken on Search Engine Roundtable, respondents were … Continue reading

Photoshop Portrait Retouching – 5 Tips For Beginners


Lately, as Wpromote’s lead graphic designer, I’ve gotten a lot of requests from coworkers to teach them how to remove a pimple, wrinkle or under eye circle in Photoshop. While generally I don’t like to change someone’s unique and distinguishing features, there are a few easy methods that will make your photo (and your face) shine just a little bit brighter. I’m starting with this photo of a woman: I don’t know her name or who she is but she looks like an Emily to me.  She’s got a few issues here: piercing scars, a little acne, some under eye circles and some fine wrinkles.  First things first, duplicate the background layer and work off of the copy. Now lets get to it! 1. Spot Healing Brush This tool is awesome for beginners; its easy to use and the results are great. Find the tool that looks like a Band-Aid, … Continue reading

3 SEO Takeaways from SMX West 2013

smx west 2013

This last week saw the 2013 Search Marketing Expo come and go. With speakers like Matt Cutts and Duane Forester, you can be sure there were a multitude of interesting forums that covered pertinent industry updates. While there is a wealth of information to be gleaned from a conference as prominent as SMX West, here are three major game changers that can contribute to the overall success of a website. 1.  MARKUP MATTERS  In 2011, I urged that you must not ignore Schema.org and that early adopters would see the biggest return.  Well it’s been nearly two years since Schema.org’s big debut at SMX Advanced 2011 and guess what…it’s is only becoming more evolved, more powerful, and a more important tactic to having content stand out effectively in search results.  Here are some really cool types of schema markups that are being used by savvy SEO-minded webmasters: Recipes with Reviews: … Continue reading

A Content Marketers Guide to Google Operators (Cheat Sheet)

The best tricks of any trade are the ones that enable you to do a job in a shorter amount of time than it would have taken you if you hadn’t known those tricks. In other words, any capable professional in any specific business has one or two tricks up their sleeve that enable them to make their jobs (and thus, their lives) easier. And being a search marketer is not any different. In fact one of the first things any good marketer who works in the SEO or content marketing space should familiarize themselves with is the use of basic Google operators so they can drill down into a website with a minimal amount of third party tools. For example: if you wanted to quickly and easily tell a person how many pages of their website are in the google index and how they are being displayed you would … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News – 5/13/13


Hey folks, welcome to the Smattering of SEO News for the week ending May 10th. There was a lot of news from Google this past week, but also some search-related news from Yahoo, which we’ve not seen for quite some time. Enjoy! Google News Google Analytics Now Offers Real-Time Goal Conversion Report – Google Analytics now offers the ability to see real-time conversion goals, and can be sorted by number of conversions and drilled down to specific segments. Computed engagement goals aren’t available in real-time, however, and are still found in the standard reports. Possible Google Update Underway – According to webmasters on Webmaster World and elsewhere, they’re noticing significant shifts in the SERPS for their tracked keywords, denoting an update might be underway. Hopefully we’ll learn more in the coming days. Don’t Worry Too Much about Google Patents, Says Cutts – In a recent video, Matt Cutts said that … Continue reading

Extra! Extra! Read All About It… On Twitter?

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 3.56.54 PM

Where do you first hear about breaking news?  Your local news station? Twitter and Facebook? If you polled a cross-section of today’s “everyday” social media user, many would tell you that they hear about breaking news in one of two ways… 1. Twitter Feeds or Trending Stories – Twitter displays the top stories as they occur, or the stories that become the most popular whether via tweeting or re-tweeting. Here is a look at Twitter’s current trending topics as of 8:40 PST, May 7, 2013: Users watch this info intently waiting for popular topics to surface. 2.  Facebook News Feed – Facebook users read news from their friends’ posts in their newsfeeds. A quick “share” can spread this information rather quickly. Remember these top headlines? Quite a few headlines broke on social media sites before popular offline media outlets could even put pen to paper. Whitney Houston’s Death – Broke … Continue reading