A Smattering of SEO News: 4/29/13


Hello, and welcome to the Smattering of SEO News for the week of April 22nd! Not as much news this week as last, but all of it’s interesting! Let’s dive in! Google News: Google Removed Related Searches Due to Low Usage – Many news sites reported that Google has apparently removed its “Related Searches” functionality from its search-type drop down on the results pages. When reached for comment on the removal, Google said the feature just wasn’t seeing enough usage to keep it on the toolbar. Google Fined €145,000 in German Street View Case – A German data protection authority has slapped Google with a fine of €145,000 for collecting data over WiFi networks, and Google has accepted the fine. Google said it never used the data it collected and didn’t want it in the first place. Google Penalizes Mozilla.org Over User-Generated Spam – Google penalized Mozilla.org, citing one blog … Continue reading

Google Plus and SEO: the Race to Rank

When we think rankings, we immediately think Google (no offense, Bing). There is more pressure than ever to have a stellar online reputation, both for individuals and brands. Social media and SEO ‘gurus’ (as they very liberally label themselves) have studied the correlation between a brand’s presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and there is something significant that separates Google+ from the rest. Let’s use a quick analogy here. I’m guessing that many of you reading this have gone through the laborious process of college applications. When those acceptance letters came through, it was a reflection of how you were evaluated as compared to your peer applicants—your rank, so to say. So when you didn’t get into Prestigious University X, but your friend Sally did, it left you wondering what you could’ve done differently. Sally had a little thing called connections on her side. Those connections are … Continue reading

Authorship A New Google Ranking Signal?


Ever since the Wall Street Journal published a quote from Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt’s new book, “The New Digital Age”, the Internet has been clamoring over the possibility of a new Google ranking signal. Here is the quote that stirred up so much discussion… Once the Wall Street Journal published this statement, heads started to spin and the Internet was ablaze with the news of Google’s next move. The only problem was that the minions over at Google had not spoken a word about any new ranking signal… or did they… The following was taken from Google’s patent on “Agent Rank” filed May 11, 2011. The identity of individual agents responsible for content can be used to influence search ratings. The identity of agents can be reliably associated with content. Assuming that a given agent has a high reputational score, representing an established reputation for authoring valuable content, then … Continue reading

A Smattering of SEO News: 4/19/13


Hello, and welcome to the new weekly feature here on Wpromote that we’re calling a Smattering of SEO News. Each week we’ll present a rundown of the most important SEO news pieces from the previous week, and we’re starting with a doozy. This week you’ll find quite a bit of news from Google, as well as news from Yandex, Facebook and Twitter. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Have a great weekend! Google News: Google Reaches Deal with EU, Will Label Own Results – Google has reached a deal with EU regulators who accused it of anticompetitive practices in regards to ranking Google’s own services higher than its competitors. According to the deal, Google will clearly label all search results that are theirs, making them easier to spot and distinguish from competitors. Google Faces Two New Anticompetitive Lawsuits – British mapping service Streetmap has filed a lawsuit … Continue reading

It’s Not You – It’s Your Un-Optimized Mobile Website


I’m reminded of George Costanza on Seinfeld as he not so cleverly connives his way out of a dysfunctional relationship by telling his past love interest the words every woman longs to hear, “It’s not you… it’s me.” So we may not be on the other end of a “Costanza convo” but when talking about the lack of conversions and untapped potential of your website… it really isn’t you, it’s actually your mobile site. Your desktop website could be the best thing since sliced bread, but if your mobile site is not optimized and offers users a terrible experience, you may find yourself on the other end of a “Costanza” moment. How do you optimize your mobile site? That’s the million dollar question and one only you can answer. I could lecture you on the top 10 tips to optimizing a mobile site, but if they don’t apply to your … Continue reading

The Battle for Florida

It’s almost April but March Madness is still gripping the country, especially in Florida. Tonight, a perennial powerhouse program, the #3 University of Florida Gators, take on the underdog of the century, the #15 Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles in a battle for a spot in the Elite Eight. Even though the spread is 13 points in favor of the Gators, it’s anybody’s match. And, if you ask Twitter–which we did!–there’s an awful lot of support for the upstart Eagles of “Dunk City.” Nothing gets people going like NCAA Men’s Basketball in March and tonight’s game is arguably the most highly anticipated game of the tournament! Check out the tale of the tape below:   Share the Love Presented By Wpromote