A Smattering of SEO News: 7/8/13


Hello folks, and welcome to the latest Smattering of SEO News. It’s been as busy as a beehive here at Wpromote, but we’ve been doing our best to keep an eye on the news. So, here is the news for the week ending July 5th. Enjoy! Google News: Google Reader Shuts Down: Save Your Data by July 15th! – The sad day recently arrived wherein, on July 1st, Google shut down its much beloved Reader RSS. While many Reader refugees such as myself have found safe harbor elsewhere (Feedly, in my case), if you haven’t downloaded your RSS feeds from Google Takeout to use in a new reader by July 15th, they’ll be lost forever, so get them while you can. Google Keyword Planner Tool Requires AdWords Account – In the next few months, the popular Google AdWords Keyword Tool is going to be replaced with the newer (and I … Continue reading

Client Infographic: Latemodel Restoration

latemodel restoration

“America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed.” We all wish this was a real quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, because we all know it to be true. America’s muscle car era was kicked started by one of the most iconic cars to hit the road, the original pony car, the Mustang. Latemodel Restoration‘s most recent Infographic takes you back through time to remember and appreciate the pony cars in their heyday and the movies that they made famous. Movies with 40 minute chase scenes became the hottest flicks around, and the craze for these sleek, powerful cars took the US by storm. To see more about these famous rides, check out the Infographic in it’s entirety. As a testament to how popular these cars are, this Infographic has been featured on Laughing Squid and has over 8,000 views! If you like muscle cars, you don’t want to miss this! … Continue reading

Client Infographic: Video Symphony

VS Logo

For those of you who aren’t avid filmmakers, you may not be familiar with Final Cut Pro X. When it comes to film editing, this program is where it’s at.  John Carter, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network are just a couple of popular movies that were edited with Final Cut Pro X.  But the coolest aspect of this software isn’t that it gets used for big budget films; it’s that it was designed with video hobbyists and independent filmmakers in mind. Video Symphony’s latest Infographic visualizes all of the keystroke short cuts, essentially making it a cheat sheet on how to master Final Cut Pro X, like a pro. Check out the Infographic in its entirety to get all of the shortcuts!

Same Sex Marriage on Twitter: 6 Things We Learned Yesterday

Engagement Map

It’s no secret that social media has replaced traditional news forms as the initial informant to the masses. Furthermore, news outlets have embraced a more crowd-sourced approach to curating breaking events and collective reactions. In the wake of the Supreme Court decision to abolish DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8, I decided to compile some data to analyze same sex marriage on Twitter, as quite an interesting ripple permeated the platform yesterday. I pulled these stats using an awesome analytics tool on three of the top trending hashtags in relation to the court’s ruling yesterday: #DOMA; #Prop8 and #LoveIsLove. Here are a few key takeaways from those who took to Twitter: 1. At approximately 6 am PST, we collectively started caring tweeting more about #DOMA and #Prop8 than we did about our morning coffee. For the first time ever. Yes… Ever. I would imagine a significant population had to physically … Continue reading

Client Infographic: All3Sports


Do you own a bike? Have you ever considered riding it more often? There are many benefits of riding a bike, but you probably didn’t think that saving money is one of them! All3Sports‘ new Infographic shows that most people could save approximately $1,000 a year just by riding their bike to work. So not only would you reap the health benefits of a great work out, you’d have more cash in your pocket! Check out the Infographic to see which cities could save the most money! View the Infographic in it’s entirety to find out more interesting facts about riding your bike to work!

Highlights of the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2013


Wpromote had the pleasure of participating in the 9th annual IRCE 2013 conference in Chicago, a major e-retailing event that draws in nearly 10,000 executives from more than 40 countries. The event featured 205 speakers and 120 sessions, and was jam-packed with relevant, timely information from some of the top leaders in the eCommerce world. Our Wpromote team enjoyed sharing an exhibit and educating businesses about the eCommerce strategies that can drive success for their establishments. As a gift to our blog readers, we would like to disseminate to you some of the great information discussed at the event. Unfortunately we couldn’t do the conference justice in one small blog post, so here are some of the highlights we feel are significant to pass on to you… enjoy! Content That Competes The first presentation that made an impact discussed 10 tactics for creating content that sells. The presenters were Ken … Continue reading