New Brand Pages For Twitter

If you haven’t logged into Twitter recently, then we highly suggest you do. On December 8th, Twitter unveiled a complete new look for, TweetDeck, and it’s mobile apps.  Chairman of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, attributed the full design overhaul as a way to make Twitter “simpler not just for people already engaged but easier for new people to discover it and find value in it.”  My initial thought is that it does just that.

Right off the bat, you will notice the layout has changed, with tweets now appearing smaller and on the right side of the page.  Three new navigation tabs along the top were also implemented – Home, @Connect and #Discover.  The Home tab, is similar to the previous Home, now with an easier way to embed content.  The @Connect tab is the new source for all of your connections and hosts all tweets in which you are mentioned in a single place.  #Discover is the newest feature, which displays content based on your location, what you follow, and what’s currently happening in the world.  As you use the #Discover page more, it learns more about you and what you like and will display results and suggestions on new things to follow reflecting your previous interests.

Along with this major redesign, Twitter also introduced a new test group of brand pages.  Rolling out these brand pages was a clear move by Twitter to compete with Facebook brand pages and the recently launched Google+ brand pages. These new brand pages allow for more customization and control over content.  With the new design, brands will now be able to customize a large header across the width of the page to more prominently display their logo and tagline, as you see with Pepsi’s brand page above.

Brands can also choose to keep a specified tweet at the top of their tweet timeline, which can include an expanded view of a video or photo.  This gives brands a better opportunity to control the content that viewers first see upon visiting their page.  Another feature of the brand page is that @replies are separated out so that brands can reply to customer service types questions without flooding their feed.  This is a nice feature for customer service oriented businesses that use Twitter as a resource for brand reputation management.

21 major marketers, including brands such as Pepsi Co., Disney and American Express, are participating in this release.  The question on every marketers’ mind, is whether and when these brand pages will be available to smaller brands and businesses?  Only time will tell.  In any case, the new design and implementation of brand pages is a smart move by Twitter.




Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Wpromote client, EagleRider, was named the Most Improved Business for their social media integration in 2011 by Heartwood Digital at Motorcycle Live. Shawn Fechter from EagleRider discusses the new efforts made on their social media profiles and the impact Wpromote has had on their success. Great job to everyone involved we are really proud to work with such an amazing client!




Top 8 Hashtags of 2011

Charlie Sheen may have made a huge impression in 2011, but not enough to make “winning” the most popular Twitter hashtag this year.  Twitter recently released a list of the most-used hashtags of 2011, with the top being #egypt and #tigerblood.

Here are the top hashtags of the year, according to Twitter:

1. #egypt
2. #tigerblood
3. #threewordstoliveby
4. #idontunderstandwhy
5. #japan
6. #improudtosay
7. #superbowl
8. #jan25


Japan, we agree.  Super Bowl, yah it’s a pretty big deal in the US.  But #idontunderstandwhy?  I guess we don’t understand.  So we thought we’d make a list of our own.

Here is a list of our favorite hashtags from 2011: 

– #thingslongerthankimsmarriage
– #thankyousteve
– #prayforjapan
– #winning
– #inthe90s
– #rw2011
– #theawkwardmoment
– #11/11/11

If you ever think you’re missing out on the latest scoop, we guarantee that, aside from Google, Twitter will be able to provide you with the latest, most buzz-worthy topics of the day.

The year isn’t over yet, but we’re excited to see what will be trending in 2012.  What hashtags were memorable for you this year?

Google – Behind The Numbers (Infographic)

Did you know:

-Google’s 2010 revenue (29.3 billion) is more than that of the combined GDP of the 28 poorest countries in the world.
-A whopping 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising.
-$2.5 billion of Google’s revenue comes from mobile ads… And that number is expected to double by the end of year.

Read more fascinating facts from the search giant in the infographic below!

Behind the numbers at Google


Google Analytics Update

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” I assume everyone knows that idiom, but I certainly hope most people do not live their lives by this expression, especially when it comes to anything business related. In fact, if you are a marketing professional your goal should be to know as much as you can and if you are responsible for the performance of a company’s website, Google Analytics should be your best friend.

So for those of you in that position, or just generally interested about online marketing, good news! Google Analytics has released an updated version of their extremely popular tool. Beyond the face-lift the tool received, the capabilities available were also improved in four significant areas.

Before we begin, if you not already seeing the updated version after logging in, simply select the “New Version” red text link in the upper right. You will notice a significant difference in the design layout, shown in the image here.

google analytics navigation

1. Real-Time Reporting (BETA)

To View: After you are in the new version you can select “Home” in the orange navigation and then “Real-Time (BETA)” on the left navigation. If you do not see this there is a chance that you are not an administrator in your account and maybe need to request a change in your settings.

This real-time reporting is obviously great for anyone interested in knowing the immediate impact of a marketing effort on their website. For example, if your company wins an award you might send out a Press Release, create a blog post and a tweet about it. If each marketing initiative is tagged properly (we suggest using ROI Revolution’s tool) you can immediately monitor which is having the greatest impact on traffic to your site. You can also see when tweanalytics real time reportingets stop driving users to your site and know that it might be a good time to retweet or engage on other social media outlets.

The Real-Time Overview Includes:
• Number of Current Visitors (New & Returning)
• Top Referral Locations
• Top Keywords
• Top Active Pages
• Top Locations

You can also dig a little deeper and receive more granular information about the current happenings on your website. Very addicting if you ask me!

2. Multi-Channel Funnels

To View: Under the “Standard Reporting” tab select “Conversions” in the left navigation, and then you will see the “Multi-Channel Funnels” section. This is something you will need to setup in the new version, it will not magically populate previous campaigns for you. Although once it is set up, I’m pretty sure magic is involved.

Chances are pretty high that a visitor has heard of your company several times before they actually complete a conversion on your website. Typically the conversion is attributed to the last campaign the user viewed before making that conversion. For example, they could have received an email from you one day, then seen a display ad, and finally clicked and purchased. Google Analytics can now tell you how previous exposure to your company impacted your conversions. analytics multi channel

The channels tracked include:
• Paid Search
• Organic Rankings
• Referral Sites
• Affiliates
• Social Networks
• Email Newsletters
• Display Ads
• Offline Campaigns with Vanity URLs

3. Mobile Reporting

To View: Under the “Standard Reporting” tab select “Audience” in the left navigation, and then you will see the “Mobile” option.

The much-needed integration of mobile reporting into Google Analytics has finally been completed. You can now see and understand how mobile users engage with your website. You also see demographic data, such as which devices your visitors are using. You might be surprised by the amount of traffic received by Mobile devices! If you haven’t already made sure your site is mobile-friendly, now is certainly the time to do so!

analytics mobile reporting

4. Flow Visualization

To View: Directly below the “Mobile” section in “Standard Reporting”.

analytics flow visualization

The flow visualization was developed to replace the not-so-popular path analysis tools. This will allow you to more quickly identify and find insights on how website users are progressing through your website. Do visitors from different traffic sources flow a different direction? After viewing your pricing page, where do mobile visitors go next? Where do most returning visitors go on the website? These questions are all easy to answer now! You no longer have to build individual path analysis, saving you from wasting time and getting a headache.

To learn more about the updates made to your Google Analytics account visit their blog!

Client Profile – Zenni: Increasing Revenue Through Campaign Restructuring And Integrated Management


Zenni, an online retailer of prescription eyeglasses, was looking for a single agency to manage their PPC and Media Buying campaigns in order to bring a higher level of optimization and cohesiveness across campaigns, which they weren’t able to achieve using multiple management sources.  With the ultimate goal of increasing revenue month over month, Zenni came to Wpromote because of our proven success in managing Online Marketing campaigns using an integrated approach, and SCORETM Method.


While Zenni had great history within their existing PPC campaigns, comprehensive restructuring and cleanup of their account was needed in order to further optimize and extract additional revenue.  Zenni, being in a highly saturated industry where competitors were getting more and more aggressive, would also need innovative ways to expand their Online Marketing efforts in order to maintain their status as a major player in their field.


To begin, a complete overhaul of their PPC campaign structure was executed. Campaigns perform differently based upon their settings. Therefore, in order to best optimize the account, campaigns were separated out by devices – mobile, tablets and computers – and then both brand and non-brand campaigns were created for each device.  Networks were also separated into their own dedicated search and display campaigns so that data could be analyzed individually and campaigns enhanced accordingly.

While Zenni had conversion tracking set up, inaccuracies were found within their data, so conversion tracking was corrected prior to launch.  In order to fully evaluate their marketing efforts, revenue tracking was set-up in both Google and MSN.

Keeping up with their competition was a key goal for Zenni, so testing out incentives, such as Free Shipping, in both text and image ads would play a major factor in achieving this. Wpromote’s design team created enticing banner ads with these new incentives. The design team also worked together with Zenni to create banners for their website coordinating with related promotions to maintain an overall sense of cohesiveness and improve conversion rates.

To expand their Media and Remarketing and efforts, Wpromote’s design team created fresh brand focused banner ads consistent with their company identity.  Testing promotions across existing and new networks, such as Yahoo, AOL and Facebook, were carried out to broaden their audience reach.


The launch of Zenni’s restructured and expanded campaign hit the ground running with overwhelming success.  In just two months Zenni doubled their ROI from paid search in Google.  Zenni’s overall goal of achieving increased revenue month to month was more than met.  Revenue from Google alone increased by 159%, while revenue from MSN increased by 113%.

The campaign restructuring also proved beneficial in lowering their CPA and increasing Zenni’s conversions.  By being able to view data from each segmented campaign differently and optimize based on its unique performance, we were able to cut Zenni’s CPA by more than half and almost triple their number of conversions in Google.  By creating and testing new ad copy and promotions, significant improvements were also seen in their conversion rate in both Google and MSN, which increased by 178% and 115% respectively.

Zenni’s Media, Retargeting and Facebook campaigns also exhibited expansive growth, with a third of Zenni’s Online Marketing sales now coming from these sources.

About Zenni:

Founded over 9 years ago, Zenni is a leader in manufacturing fashionable prescription eyeglasses.  Zenni uses the latest in modern materials, manufacturing and marketing systems to bring their products directly from their factories to their clients, providing them with great looking and affordable products.

How To Make A Mobile Friendly Website

Ever wonder how your website looks on a mobile phone? Well Google was asked this question many times and created a website – – dedicated to showing users how their websites look and perform on mobile phones. On this site Google promotes it’s new initiative “GoMo” or “GoingMobile”, providing viewers a one-stop resource to learn about the importance of going mobile, information on mobile trends and best practices, case studies on optimizing sites for mobile, and tools to help make your site mobile friendly.

The coolest feature of the site by far is the GoMoMeter, a tool that allows you to type in your website address and view what your site looks like on a smartphone.  We did a sample test on our site, and here is how we faired:

After submitting your site, the GoMoMeter provides a quick snapshot of how your site looks and performs on a smartphone.  A comprehensive report is also available to download, giving you more in-depth information on what is working on your site and what areas need improvement in order to make it more mobile compatible.  The report covers mobile issues such as page loading time, navigating without scrolling, thumb-friendly links, and more.  It also provides actionable tips to help you with the areas that your site is lacking in, and lists vendors that can help you with building a mobile friendly site.

Mobile has become the fastest growing field online and users are expecting to have their mobile experience as good as their desktops. Making sites as easy to use as possible is necessary in order to  engage and convert potential customers.  How does your site fair on the GoMoMeter? Be sure to check it out!


Google For iPad Gets A Facelift In Time For The holidays

Google isn’t the best search engine in the world by accident. There are a number of reasons that Google left other engines like AltaVista, MetaCrawler, Lycos, AskJeeves and Yahoo in the dust and why Bing still struggles to make inroads on Google’s market share. Chief among these reasons is Google’s commitment to research and development, innovation and user experience. Google constantly experiments with elements of the search engine results pages, makes adjustments to improve its algorithm and adds features (e.g. Google Instant Search) that users didn’t even realize they wanted. As a result, users know they can trust Google to deliver the best experience in search because there’s never been a reason to look elsewhere.

Well, nothing has changed! If you own a smartphone, you are likely aware that Googling something on your mobile device has a similar but optimized feel compared to Googling something on your desktop. There are ads cluttering up the side, the links are big enough to easily be able to select them with your thumb and phone numbers are more commonly displayed and automatically enable click-to-call. These small changes keep users happy and keep manufacturers of web operating systems choosing Google as the default search engine.

Up until recently, the Google experience on tablets has been very similar to the experience on desktops. Of course, even though the activity on tablets more closely resembles activity on desktops than does the activity of smartphones, the experiences are distinct. Therefore, it should be no surprise to anyone that Google has released an update for its iPad app just in time for the holiday shopping season. One of my favorite blogs, Lifehacker, summarized the details rather succinctly:

Google’s Search app just received a nice update for iPad, bringing some nice interface enhancements. This includes Google Instant, which is better late than never, but you’ll probably find the other stuff more exciting. For example, you can load a web page in a side tab after you search and then swipe back to your search results to look for other pages while that side tab is loading. The app also features a pretty slick image viewer that’s in a similar style to Apple’s cover flow but a bit more practical. If you want to look up any of your past searches you can with a visual search history browser. You also get easier access to existing search tools and other Google Apps.

iPads and iPhones aren't just good gifts this season. Now, they're being used to purchase gifts more than ever!

Google is expecting big things for its online retailers this holiday, projecting a 6% increase in spending this year over last on holiday gifts. Furthermore, Google expects mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to play a significant role in the 2011 shopping season; 68% of shoppers will use their smartphone while shopping and a whopping 82% will use their tablet. This activity will include comparing product features, searching for coupons and discounts, finding physical store location, analyzing pricing differences across online retailers as well as during in-store shopping. Of course, this activity will also include completing purchases on mobile devices more than ever. Google believes that a full 26% of actual purchases this season will be made on a mobile device (17% smartphone, 9% tablet)**.

With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets set to play such a large role in holiday shopping this year, it should be no small wonder why Google is looking to improve the tablet experience just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and every day thereafter leading up to Christmas. Make sure that your site is ready to do business online on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. If you’re not optimized for each experience, then you’re probably missing out. Just ask Google! If it didn’t benefit Google to make each experience unique, do you think they would have hurried to get their iPad app updated this week?


 **All data from this paragraph from Google’s “Holiday 2011: Consumer Intentions” webinar.

Sales Strategies For Social Media & Mobile

Wpromote attended the Sales 2.0 conference in Santa Monica, CA. The event offered various sales strategies and best practices in social media. Speakers offered their personal insight on how social media has positively affected sales and marketing initiatives. Throughout the entire conference I was amazed at how connected everyone was. Twitter names were displayed on big screens, people on various tablets, and it seemed that everyone was tweeting from their chairs.  Below are some great tips that I took away from the conference.

First off, it’s clear that nowadays people are spending most of their Internet time on social networks. For this reason it is important to have a strong social presence.  Scott Holden of Sales Cloud and mentioned that Facebook users are now twice as active as desktop users. Scott proposed getting into the habit of establishing a short daily social routine.

This routine would allow:
•    Businesses to form closer relationships with current clients
•    Help find more customers
•    Help prospective buyers find you
•    Close deals faster

A key factor in establishing a strong social presence will be to understand your consumer. Andrew Somosi, SVP, Marketing & Business Development of Lattice Engines stressed the importance of knowing your customer. By understanding how your consumer buys and where and when they buy will allow you to make informed decisions when converting leads from social outlets. Consumers are not only visiting your site to make a purchasing decision, they are also looking at all of the additional components of your brand like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Having a strong and unique social presence will push your prospective customer to make that final call. Companies who are able to make their business social will have greater success in the long run.

If your company does not have a strong social presence remember that the conversation has begun without you! Check out our Social Media page to learn how Wpromote can help you manage your online presence.

Alternatives To Yahoo! Site Explorer

On Friday November 18, 2011 Yahoo posted the following, brief statement: “With the completion of algorithmic transition to Bing, Yahoo! Search has merged Site Explorer into Bing Webmaster Tools. Webmasters should now be using the Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure that their websites continue to get high quality organic search traffic from Bing and Yahoo!. Site Explorer services will not be available from November 21, 2011.”

We knew this day would come, in July Yahoo! officially announced that they expected this transition to happen later in the year, we simply did not know the exact date. Even before that we knew that having two platforms feeding data for a single source of organic rankings was not efficient. It took months to make the switch because they had not transitioned to the Microsoft search platform in many areas of the world. They wanted to be sure that it was a smooth transition on one date, worldwide.

Many SEO evangelists and webmasters are sad to see this tool go as they actively use the competitive link data provided by Yahoo Site Explorer. Bing Webmaster Tools simply does not provide the same insight and therefore many are turning to SEOmoz, Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer, and free web-based tools such as our own SEOAudit Tool, in an attempt to gather the same insights.  For most, Bing Webmaster Tools  platform will be sufficient and users will no longer have to submit their sitemaps and updates to both locations.

Do you have thoughts or suggestions on other webmaster tools that would help fill the void once Yahoo Webmaster Tools is officially gone? Let us know!