Lunch Relief For The Office Cog

You’ve seen this lunch scene before: a hoard of emotionless hungry zombies standing in line with their lanyard IDs, dressed in the mandatory uniform of post-millennial business casual while waiting for a Subway sandwich artist to sloppily construct an endless barrage of $5 Footlongs. As you stand in line and abdicate your humanity, you blink and for a second confuse the scene with prisoners in a Russian Gulag patiently waiting for their bowl of gruel. Or, perhaps, grimmer fates… Just a little time and research on the Internet, however, can free any office cog from this bleak landscape. Where to start? Of course, everyone knows about Yelp. Although Yelp and its handy app are undeniably helpful in finding new places, one can’t help but grow frustrated by the white noise that seems to dominate so many of the reviews. Indeed, the Founding Fathers strongly warned us against the type of … Continue reading

Case Study: Landing Page Optimization & Testing For Lead Capture Page

Wpromote’s small business landing page is one of our primary lead generators where we drive the majority of our paid traffic and partner referral traffic. The ultimate goal of this page is to get visitors to fill out a form for a marketing consultation from one of our sales representatives. With our company mantra of “always test everything” we decided to run a series of conversion optimization tests to see how we could improve our lead capture page. We were happy with the information that existed on this lead capture page, however we felt that we could improve the overall presentation by making adjustments to the design, layout, focal points and calls to action. Our goal was to design a new landing page that would outperform the current page, and then continue testing various aspects of the page to further improve its conversion rate. To improve our landing page conversion … Continue reading

A Tech-Filled Fall

Fall is fast approaching which means the holiday season is faster approaching but do you know what that really means? Announcements, announcements everywhere! What fun tech gadget announcement is going to capture your heart and dominate your gift list this 2012 holiday season? Here’s a couple that have caught my eye. Tablets are pretty cool but up until recently, you had to dish out some serious cash. The iPad is no longer theuncontested king and if you’re just getting into the tablet game there are more options. Two new announcements are the Google Nexus 7 and the new line of Kindle Fire tablets, which now boasts HD capabilities. Nexus 7 is a 7” tablet with WiFi and the 8GB model is $199 and the 16GB is $249. Fully compatible with the Google Chrome App store, there are plenty of games and apps to play with. Amazon one-upped Google and has … Continue reading

How To Remove A Negative Online Review

Online reviews are quickly becoming one of the most visible barometers of a business’ success from an outside perspective and a major factor in drawing in new customers. In fact, recent surveys conclude that more than 70% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and more than half of people say a good review will make them more likely to patronize a particular business. That’s great news for businesses that already have stellar reviews on sites like Yelp or Google Reviews, but what about companies that have gotten unflattering or even scathing reviews? If you’re a business owner who has noticed a bad review online, recognize that you aren’t alone. Every business has had to deal with a negative review at one time or another. And the good news is most Internet savvy customers have come to expect a few negative reviews from time to time. Another … Continue reading

Wednesday Web Series: Doctor Who – Pond Life

If you’re a true Whovian you already have your Saturday night planned out: feed your cats while listening to the most recent Nerdist podcast, clean your figurines mounted throughout your home and then sit and wait to watch the Doctor Who season 7 series premier: Asylum of the Daleks. If you are not a Whovian, then you can Dalek my balls! Back to you true Whos…if you are incredibly anxious for the season premier and cannot wait for Saturday, I recommend checking out the new mini web series Pond Life. Pond Life does 2 things: (1) show the Pond’s (Amy and Rory) life when their not with the Doctor, and (2) the web series shows quick clips of Doctor Who Season 7. The episodes are pretty short, but they do enough to hold Whovians over until this Saturday (September, 1st), when Doctor Who season 7 premiers! Three episodes of Pond … Continue reading

Time To Speed Up Your Site

In a world that becomes less and less patient everyday, eliminating down time is a natural progression in business models; a text book case of supply and demand. Hungry? Why wait. Need car insurance? Well 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. Don’t have 15 minutes? Go online. To go online, use Google’s new Chromebook or Chromebox, Google’s new laptop and home computer. You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want a Google computer?” And the advertisements will tell you (as one of the main selling points) that your Google laptop and/or home desktop can boot up in a matter of seconds, eliminating as much down time as possible. Once it’s booted up, it’s only a matter of seconds to get on the web. So if you want to get online to see the hours of that restaurant that you’re trying to hurry to, you can check that … Continue reading