It’s Not You – It’s Your Un-Optimized Mobile Website


I’m reminded of George Costanza on Seinfeld as he not so cleverly connives his way out of a dysfunctional relationship by telling his past love interest the words every woman longs to hear, “It’s not you… it’s me.” So we may not be on the other end of a “Costanza convo” but when talking about the lack of conversions and untapped potential of your website… it really isn’t you, it’s actually your mobile site. Your desktop website could be the best thing since sliced bread, but if your mobile site is not optimized and offers users a terrible experience, you may find yourself on the other end of a “Costanza” moment. How do you optimize your mobile site? That’s the million dollar question and one only you can answer. I could lecture you on the top 10 tips to optimizing a mobile site, but if they don’t apply to your … Continue reading

The Battle for Florida

It’s almost April but March Madness is still gripping the country, especially in Florida. Tonight, a perennial powerhouse program, the #3 University of Florida Gators, take on the underdog of the century, the #15 Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles in a battle for a spot in the Elite Eight. Even though the spread is 13 points in favor of the Gators, it’s anybody’s match. And, if you ask Twitter–which we did!–there’s an awful lot of support for the upstart Eagles of “Dunk City.” Nothing gets people going like NCAA Men’s Basketball in March and tonight’s game is arguably the most highly anticipated game of the tournament! Check out the tale of the tape below:   Share the Love Presented By Wpromote      

Facebook’s Facelift: 4 Ways to Capitalize on the Revamped Newsfeed

I know, I know-another Facebook-altering update? Changes to the site’s user interface have consistently been met with criticism, if not all-together uproar, and this occasion is no exception. The real question at hand is how you, as either an individual or a business, can harness the upheaval and end up on top (…of the newsfeed). We’ve all been there: scrolling through your newsfeed, rocking your snuggie while eating Nutella straight from the jar (no? Just me?)… When you come across a friend’s post with more ‘likes’ than you have Facebook friends and more ‘shares’ than you have real friends. So what gives? It all boils down to this: times, they are a’changing. Facebook needed a little Facelift—and your page (especially if you are using it for Facebook marketing) may need one too. With the roll out of the new Facebook Newsfeed features, there are four principles you should live by. … Continue reading

The Top 5 Recommended WordPress Plugins for 2013


What if we dropped a paper clip into an Olympic-sized swimming pool and told you to search for it? Overwhelmed yet? Well, that’s what it can feel like to search for the best WordPress plugins among the nearly 24,000 currently available—and that number keeps growing. Running your business is busy enough without having to worry about ill-performing plugins or the time-consuming task of separating the good from the bad. Suffice it to say we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you and compiled our list of the top 5 WordPress plugins you should activate on your website. This is not an exhaustive list, for you may need several more plugins depending on the functions of your website. But, at a minimum, these will form the foundation of a successful site because they address five areas to which you should pay attention. Here we go… 1. Akismet - Security   Because of … Continue reading

15 Years With The Big Lebowski (Infographic)

The first time I watched “The Big Lebowski” I was around 17. I was wonderfully confused… though I didn’t tell anyone. My puerile viewing eyes were privy to the story of “The Dude”. A perpetual hippie with a penchant for Creedence Clearwater, bowling and for “White Russian” cocktails. I had little understanding of what a “Nihilist” was… but in the universe of “The Big Lebowski” they were funny as hell. This week in March marks the 15th anniversary of the release of “The Big Lebowski“. And being that most of the folks here at Wpromote are kind of huge Lebowski nerds… myself included… Tim Pickett as well… and Jon Godinho… Michelle Calderon… Becky Eaton… Michael Block, Michael Stone, Michael Mothner… I could go on. Anyway! The movie brings out the wonderful unseriousness in even the most serious of us all… because at its heart it’s just a silly movie that … Continue reading

Instagram Is Now Web Friendly

Don’t have a smart phone but still want to look at your friends’ pictures on Instagram? Well now you can! Yesterday Instagram announced that users can now browse their feed and link out individual photos on the web, rather than just on a mobile device. Unfortunately, one feature that isn’t available yet is the ability to upload online. Instagram is constantly working to improve their ever-thriving application with new features and instant availability. So why the big jump to the desktop version? We can only think of one thing – available ad space. Back in December, Instagram received negative feedback after they decided to change their Terms and Services to support advertising revenue. While they released a statement stating that they will not profit from user photos, will this new web version be the perfect real estate for advertising? Nothing has officially been announced, but only time will tell! What … Continue reading