Viral Video Friday!

Webcam 101 for Seniors


With nearly two million views over the past few days, this technologically clueless (but very funny) couple from Oregon found themselves the topic of online conversations, with Facebook posts, tweets and blogs all over the Internet.  Bruce, 86 and his wife Esther, 79 have already made their appearances on CBS News, ABC News and Fox  & Friends.  We’re sure their granddaughter, who initially uploaded the video, will get a very generous present on her next birthday!


Star Wars – Stand Up to Cancer


In celebration of the Blue-ray release of Star Wars: The Complete Saga, non-profit organization Stand Up To Cancer used THE FORCE for good by collaborating with Seth Rogen, Emma Stone, Aziz Ansari, Bill Hader and more.  May the force be with you… to fight cancer!


Anti-Coning at McDonald’s


Can we say FAIL?! With McDonald’s managers like this, looks like the coning days are numbered for anyone who thinks they’ll get away with it.  There’s no doubt we’ll hear a new prank hitting the viral community very soon.


Life After Emmy


How obsessed do you think Hollywood A-listers are about winning awards?  This comical mockumentary “Life After Emmy” uncovers the lives of past Emmy winners Jeremy Piven, Megan Mullaly, Kristin Chenoweth and Jackee Harry.  What are some of your predictions for this Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards?

Social Good: Taking Social Media to Social Action [INFOGRAPHIC]

We came up with the concept of “Social Good: Taking Social Media to Social Action” because the fusion of entrepreneurship and social good is such an amazingly exciting trend. To have whip-sharp business minds apply themselves to bettering the world is a topic that deserves attention.

The companies and organizations we chose to shine the spotlight on are TOMS, ONEHOPE Wine, Pepsi Refresh Project, VeeV Acai Spirit, and We have had the pleasure to work with the first four brands mentioned, and wanted to include since search is at the core of our services, as well as the fact that many individuals might not know about the amazing work that does.

These brands incorporate social media deeply into their business models. Social media is right at the center of the topic of social entrepreneurship; it is at the heart of how the companies featured grow their following, engage with their customers, and even contributes to how they effect positive change on the world.

Last week was the book release of “Start Something That Matters” by Blake Mycoskie, TOMS Founder & Chief Shoe Giver. In his book, Mycoskie profiles other social entrepreneurs who have turned their passions into meaningful and sustainable businesses and organizations, one being VeeV.

“My goal is to inspire others to go out and make a positive impact, to start something that matters to them,” Mycoskie said. These five brands highlighted in this infographic perfectly exemplify that mantra.

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Wpromote PR Girl’s Guide To Surviving Social Media Week LA

With nearly 600 events worldwide, this year Social Media Week is bigger than ever. Here is my quick and dirty guide to surviving #SMWLA

1. Bring business cards. Lots of them. In fact, during SMW you can never have too many on you. Sure, there will be plenty of drinking, socializing, tweeting and picture-snapping at these events, but above all, there will be networking.
Tip: After a card is exchanged, I like to write a note on the back of the card, to serve as a reminder for the person with whom I just had the pleasure of meeting. You might think you will remember them, but once home with a purse (or pocket) filled with cards, you will be glad you jotted down a note. It also serves as a nice, personalized touch mentioning a specific conversation topic or connection when reaching out to them. The person on the receiving end will be impressed, if not flattered.

2. Also, bring a snack. You know that scene in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan lunges at “The Plastics” in the cafeteria? That is how I get when I don’t eat. It’s not pretty. For me, I like a good White Chocolate Think Thin bar. Peanut Butter M&M’s also do the trick.

3. Traffic happens. We live in LA; If that statement means one thing and one thing only to you, it should be that traffic is beyond unpredictable. Leave earlier than you think you should for any post-work event. Most events don’t have a hard start time, so it is fine to walk in at any given point, however to avoid walking into an event panel mid-discussion, give yourself extra time for traffic, to find the location, and parking. You know, because “nobody walks in LA-ay”

4. Do your homework. Know who will be speaking at events of interest. Don’t be afraid to speak with panelists and moderators— believe it or not, they are human, just like you and I. Provide feedback on the panel, ask questions, and always follow up (send a tweet to them after meeting, or an email the next day). This is how relationships are made.

Courtney and Carter Reum, Co-founders of VeeV. Carter will be speaking at Wpromote's "Social Good" SMW Event on 9/20

5. Be organized. Of course… there’s an app for that. For the first time, there will be an official Social Media Week app, thanks to our friends at Nokia. Simply go to via mobile and the SMW RealTime app will connect Social Media Week attendees globally and allow you to track your schedule, follow the real-time conversation across all participating cities, and see who’s checked into events on Foursquare. You’re welcome.

6. Addendum to #5. The official hashtag for Social Media Week LA is #SMWLA. If there is one event hashtag you should follow, it’s #SMWsocialgood. That’s the hashtag I will be live tweeting from during our “It’s Great To Be Good!” Social Good event on 9/20 at The Vault in Culver City, and that will also be used for our giveaway during that event.

Speaking of which… are you coming?

It’s Great To Be Good

With many socially-conscious companies on the rise, giving back has never been hotter.



Wpromote has always believed in giving back, however we are taking our social good acts to the next level.  A new venture here at Wpromote, aptly named “Wprovide” (gotta love us clever ad-folk!), is a committee focused on organizing philanthropic opportunities for the Wpro employees to get involved and give back to the community.  For Wprovide’s first event, we partnered with Heal The Bay, where employees took time to clean up the trash on El Porto beach here in our own backyard.


This month we will be hosting a “Social Good” mixer during Social Media Week, celebrating Los Angeles’ thriving internet industry and the many talented companies, organizations and innovators driving the future of advertising, media, technology and business online. This event will take place on Tuesday, September 20, at The Vault gallery in Culver City.


Guests will enjoy passed light fare, ONEHOPE WINE, VeeV Açaí Lemonade and Superfruit Margarita (two of the company’s signature drinks), which will made by a VeeV mixologist. There will be a DJ spinning all night, along with a brief panel discussion with Mike Mothner, Founder & CEO of Wpromote, Carter Reum, Co-founder of VeeV Açaí Spirit (official spirit of Virgin Airlines), Mike Weber, Director of Online for ONEHOPE Wine, and Mia Herron, Director of Marketing & Communications, Sir Richard’s Condom Company, surrounding the topic of “Social Good: Taking Social Media to Social Action.” In keeping with the Social Media theme, there will also be a raffle for attendees who tweet about this event through the hashtag #SMWSocialGood


“We came up with the concept of the panel because the fusion of entrepreneurship and social good is such an amazingly exciting trend. To have amazingly sharp business minds apply themselves to bettering the world is a topic that deserves attention.” said Mike Mothner, CEO of Wpromote. “The panelists all have incorporated social media deeply into their business models; without social media, these innovative startups very well may not be where they are today.”


If interested in attending the Social Good event, please RSVP by September 16 to:

How To: Optimize Your Fashion Blog for Google

These days it seems as though almost everyone has a blog, and girls who were once just fashion-obsessed, have now turned into models as a result. With millions of blogs out there, what makes one stand apart from the rest? Is it design? Is it the domain name and age? Is content really “king”?  Truth be told, you could have a great looking blog, with excellent content, however if you’re not ranking in search engines, no one will ever know you and your blog exist.  Here is a user-friendly outline on how to get your fashion blog ranking in Google and other search engines. Note, these same techniques can be applied to any blog, I just choose to use fashion as my example, because, well… if you haven’t already noticed, I cherish fashion, just as much as I love technology. And when the two combine? It warms my techic (translate: tech-chic) heart.

  • Choose a topic that you are well versed in.
  • Search through popular key terms in the niche that you decide to write about
  • Once you find key terms that are frequently searched for, and you think you can write extensively about, use them (or versions of them) in your URL, Blog title, H1, H2, and content of your blog.
  • Try to pick 2-3 key terms to focus on in your blogs.
  • Make sure to mention the key words in the content of your blogs, but do not over do it. Remember to write for people, not Google bots.
  • Here is an example of effective title creation, if the article is about “DKNY 2012 Resort review” the title should have just that, “DKNY 2012 Resort review ” work just that, into your title it creatively. Consider, “Manhattan Mix – A Review of DKNY Resort 2012″ etc. (For what it’s worth, “Manhattan Mix” is how DKNY’s resident PR girl described the Resort 2012 line. More on her, and how Social plays a role in SEO, later).
SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for "dkny resort 2010 review"
  • Integrating interesting images into your content will inspire people to share your content more often.
  • Using key terms in the image’s title, ALT text, and image captions will help you rank for your targeted keywords.  For example, for a company like DKNY, they would want to name an image “dkny-scarf-dress” rather an “Image_0056” per say.

    SERP for images of "dkny scarf dress"
  • Submit your blog to search engines.  Here are the URLs to perform this task:
  •  Here are a list of blog directories to submit you blogs to:
  • Obtain links to your website from external websites (this is known as “link building”). By having other sites link back to yours, it is viewed as a vote of authority/confidence for your blog, in the eyes of search engines. If possible, try to get them to use your key words in their link to you (rather than just your blog’s name).
  • Example: For fashion blog Saucy Glossie, an ideal link would be via hyperlink “NYC Fashion Blog” rather than “Saucy Glossie” (because chances are they already rank for their own name).

Get SocialAlways give your readers the opportunity to easily share your content with others.

  • Telling them about your blog through your Facebook account is a good start, but effectively integrating social networking site buttons into your blog is much better. Whether it’s a “like”, “Digg”, “Tweet” or “Stumble,” you gain from the inclusion of these powerful social platforms… it is well worth the extra time invested into integrating them.
  • DKNY PR Girl is one of the best examples of a business Twitter account that is strategic, yet organic:
DKNY PR Girl responding to a Twitter follower (aka, yours truly)
  • Being active on Twitter allows you to communicate with fans, or simply people talking about your blog/brand. This communication can only help: it increases brand awareness, and will likely drive traffic to your site as a result.
  • Choose popular keywords.  “Reviews,” “photos,” “interviews” and “how to” are coveted keywords and now with the permalink structure they can start ranking for these and drive in even more traffic.

For WordPress Blogs:

  • All in One SEO Pack:  This plugin will assist you with the title of your blog, the title of each of your articles, and the meta description that shows up in Google.
  • Alter your Page Title and Article Title to be more SEO friendly with SEO Title Tag
  • Optimize the URL of your WordPress blog while you are writing your blog post or title. Right below the title you create there is an example of what the URL will be.  Directly to the right of that there is an edit button.  Revise your URL accordingly.
  • Go into the Permalink settings, and create a custom URL structure.  Try to construct a concise URL, with your key terms.
  • Add tags, and place them in a category.  This will help people find articles on your site.
  • If you need a contact form, this is one of the most popular plugins: Contact Form 7


Client Profile – Dearfoams: Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Grows Brand Awareness and Sales

Dearfoams, a comfort lifestyle brand, came to Wpromote looking to expand their social media efforts to increase sales and grow brand awareness. Dearfoams had been managing a Facebook advertising campaign internally but needed the help of an agency to further optimize it and to create and implement an all-encompassing social media strategy to obtain desired results.

As with most online companies, Dearfoams knew that even a small hiccup of a customer complaint, could tarnish a company’s reputation. Dearfoams wanted daily social media monitoring of all profiles to assist with reputation management so they could uphold their sound reputation they had long worked to achieve.

Dearfoams also wanted to widen their audience to capitalize on a younger demographic, which had the potential to bring in a great new source of brand evangelists and revenue for them. In order to successfully reach an atypical audience where little brand awareness existed, they would need a highly creative strategy to successfully target this untapped market.

To begin, Wpromote performed a comprehensive audit of their existing profiles and ad campaign. While they had established profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, these profiles were lacking a general cohesiveness. All profiles would need to be overhauled to create homogenous branding across the board.

For Facebook, while their badge represented their playful personality, it would need to be re-designed to incorporate their website and coordinate with their other social media profiles. For a better user experience, their navigation tabs would be updated to remove blank pages, and incorporate new tabs, such as a YouTube link and a shop and share link. Adding a shop and share page would enable users to purchase Dearfoams products without having to exit their Facebook page.

Their engagements on Facebook could be improved upon by incorporating promotions, special events, images, videos and questions. In addition to running a targeted Facebook advertising campaign, weekly giveaways would also be carried out to increase the number of likes. To further grow their brand and target a younger male demographic, a creative promotion tying into the World Series of Poker would be executed.

Their Twitter page and thumbnail would also be re-skinned to coordinate with all social media profiles to maintain brand identity. Daily engagements on Twitter would be used to facilitate contests on Facebook and encourage brand growth. As growth occurs, maintaining a 1:1 follower to following ratio would be key to proper fan base growth. Encouraging tweets from celebrities with large followings by giving them merchandise would also assist in increasing the number of followers.

Lastly, their YouTube page would need to be upgraded to a branded channel, which would enable them to link to the Dearfoams website and other social media pages. New videos would be added to promote the brand and then shared across Twitter and Facebook to get the largest impact.

In the first 4 months of their social media campaign, Dearfoams saw tremendous improvements across the board.

On their Facebook fan page, we have been able to effectively engage the Dearfoams fan base in conversations regarding events, images, videos, discounts and questions. Through weekly giveaways, the World Series of Poker contest, and social outreach Dearfoams’ Facebook likes increased by a remarkable 14.9% in just 4 months. Adding the shop and share page simplified the purchase process and attributed to increased sales and the sharing of purchases with friends. Impressive numbers were also seen through their Facebook ad campaign, which reached a targeted audience of 138,726,660 potential customers.

Through ongoing Twitter optimization, we saw an increase in the number of followers by an astonishing 26.5%, all the while striving to maintain that 1:1 follower to following ratio. The sizeable growth can be attributed to the many celebrity tweets. Tweets from The World Series of Poker players reached an impressive audience of over 53,000 alone.

Dearfoams’ YouTube page was upgraded to a branded channel, facilitating additional traffic to the Dearfoams site and social media profiles. New videos were added and disseminated across Twitter and Facebook, to increase views and encourage engagement through a Flashback Fridays promotion. The YouTube branded channel has had overwhelming success, with the total number of views increasing by 68% since the start of the campaign.

About Dearfoams:
Dearfoams is one of the world’s most recognized comfort lifestyle brands. Created in 1947, Dearfoams pioneered foam-cushioned slippers that deliver ultimate comfort. Nearly 65 years and more than a billion pairs later, people still love Dearfoams’ exceptional comfort, style, functionality and quality. Their slippers feature the “Dearfoams Difference,” a multi-density cushioned comfort system and rich, quality fabrics that help make Dearfoams slippers unlike any other. In Fall 2011, Dearfoams will launch sleepwear and knit accessories lines with the same quality and comfort consumers expect from their brand. Dearfoams are available at retailers throughout North America and online at Experience what a comfort revolution feels like with Dearfoams.

Come On #Irene

It all began with a few mistaken @replies on Twitter and one hilarious response – “Btw, tweeting @Irene doesn’t deliver messages to the hurricane. Sorry.”

No surprise, this past weekend’s most trending topic was “#Irene”.  With cancelled flights and mandatory evacuations, as long as people had the Internet, they could maintain a bit of sanity.  Naturally, people from all over (the majority from the east coast) turned to Twitter to voice their frustration.  But instead of using the common hashtag, many replied to @Irene, owned by Twitter user Irene Tien from New York.

When I first saw this tweet, besides thinking it was brilliantly witty, I couldn’t help but wonder what she’d do with all those mentions.  Delete her account?  Actually respond?  As if it wasn’t annoying enough to accept the fact that your name would now be associated with one of the biggest weather headlines of the year, I can only imagine the amount of Twitter notifications Ms. Tien received that Friday afternoon.

Instead of ignoring these tweets, Tien and a few of her co-workers from the digital-media firm Huge Inc. looked at this as an opportunity to inform the Twitter world about this news breaking hurricane.  From 823 followers to 6,000+ in less than 24 hours, I only wished I had thought of this first. The people behind @Irene maintained a funny and very useful Twitter account, and the number of followers continues to grow.

Note to self: If there’s ever a Hurricane Aimee, I’d be wise to claim the Twitter name @Aimee ASAP!

Viral Video Friday!

Emile Hirsh After Dentist


Is actor Emile Hirsch researching to play to role of 2009’s Internet phenomenon “David After Dentist”?  Not quite!  After getting his wisdom teeth removed, the Into The Wild actor did what any normal person would do – film himself and post it on YouTube.


Say something Nice


When was the last time you said something nice to a complete stranger?  New York City-based prank collective Improv Everywhere encouraged this act of kindness to a few New Yorkers.  If you’ve got something nice to say, why not use a megaphone!


OK Go and the Muppets


The Muppets are at it again, as these fuzzy characters collaborate with the innovative music group OK Go, known to have some pretty cool music videos, to remix a new theme song for their upcoming movie.  Did they get the approval of the grumpy old men?  Watch to find out!

Be The Face of… On A Billboard in Times Square!

Custom profile startup, which is owned by AOL, is looking for the new ‘face of’ and is kicking off a contest to find that face.

If you’re not familiar with, well, you should be. If you don’t have a personal website with your name as the domain, is the next best thing. offers people free profile pages, which can include your name, bio and links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, and other sites that you have at one point signed up with (cough Formspring cough). Users can also upload high-resolution photos to the site, making profiles look fairly professional with minimal effort, or skill.

The company is about to launch on a huge advertising initiative, and is trying to find the faces of the campaign from existing new users. New and existing users will be asked to opt in to the contest once they log-in on their profile; once opted-in, any visitor to that profile can vote on any page to be featured in the campaign. Three lucky users who gain the most votes will be featured in the Fall campaign, which includes a billboard in New York City’s Times Square, as well as other OOH (out-of-home, for you non-advertising industry peeps) ads, in taxis and in-flight advertisements. Winners will also be flown to the city that never sleeps, along with a friend to attend the launch event for this new campaign. Seven runners-up will also be featured in the billboard and other ads.

The last day of voting is September 20, which also happens to be the date of Wpromote’s Social Media Week Event.

Create that profile, and get those votes!

On This Day in Facebook

Not many words are needed to express the awesomeness of the new “On This Day” rotating feature on Facebook, so I’ll keep this short. Basically, when you are on a Like page, or another Facebook page which isn’t your own, Facebook will rotate through a section on the right hand side of the page titled “On This Day.” This section shows the logged in account what they posted “On this day” in a particular year. As of now I have only noticed an “On This Day” post from a year ago, but they may go further back. Take a look at the “On This Day in 2010″ post I viewed today!

The new feature can be both a comedic blessing, and a tragic curse. Finding an “On This Day” like the one I found today brought back some nice memories and added a smile to my face, but I can think of a few posts I am dreading to see.

…and they are:

  • I’m telling you, the Cleveland Cavaliers won’t lose more than 4 games straight.
  • I’m soooo stoked for the Green Lantern movie. There’s no way it’s not amazing!
  • This lump on my testicle will go away soon. (Why did I write this on Facebook?)
  • Ok, this time I’m not mess’n round! There is no way the Cavs will lose more than 13 games straight.
  • Borders will bounce back. Guarantee.
  • Quote me: Obama will not give into the Republicans anymore.
  • Fact. The Cavs will not lose more than 20 games straight.
  • I’m so bummed that hardly anyone will see this amazing Nyan Cat video. Oh well.
  • USA Mens Soccer is up 2 to zero over Mexico! We’ve got this one in the bag!
  • God if you make the Cavs win, and not lose their 27th straight, I will become a true believer and donate my time at an old folks home…to help with the old people bathing. Swear to you!


Look out for your “On This Day” posts the next time you are on Facebook!

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