How to Use Press Releases for SEO

This guide will review SEO strategy and best practices when distributing a press release for your company. The general purpose of syndicating a press release is to create positive publicity for your company.
The basic procedure for creating a press release:
  1. Choose a topic – something newsworthy and relevant to your company’s key demographic.
  2. Concisely write 2-4 paragraphs of prose. Explain who, what, where, and why to your audience.
  3. Choose a PR distributer, make sure that your writing follows their style guidelines, and schedule a release date!
Check out our much more detailed guide on writing SEO-friendly press releases here.

Best Practices & Tactics For SEO

  • Include SEO relevant keywords in the title of your press release.
  • Link to your website only once using the syntax: [nofollow]. Google could consider including more than one link to be a spam tactic.
  • Press release distributors allow you to target a selected audience. Select the most relevant industry and location.
  • Keep track of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): the primary KPIs are number of media placements and press coverage, while overall shifts in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) rankings and referral traffic are considered secondary KPIs.

Pros For SEO

Links From Prominent News Sources Press release distributors blast your message to a large volume of news outlets, which syndicates your message. Your website derives the most direct benefits from the influx of organic links from many authoritative sources as it’s syndicated. These new links from high-quality news sites send signals of trust to Google. These added backlinks help to establish brand notability and diversity your link profile. Press releases help your brand to profit from the large readership of major news publications, thus providing additional brand exposure to new audiences and referral traffic.

Reputation Management Consider using press releases as an online reputation management tactic. Add your brand name in the title to ensure that your message shows up high in the SERPs for branded queries. Press releases deliver fresh, current content about your brand to news websites that already rank well on Google; they help you to control your brand narrative by infusing your own content to current News and Universal search results.

Solicit News Coverage Another way to leverage press releases for SEO is to do direct outreach to journalists, editors, and partner organizations. News professionals are constantly looking for new content, so develop a pitch and reach out to relevant writers with the goal of generating additional news coverage. Be sure to attach your press release to the pitch and explain how your brand’s news topic could be developed into a relevant story within the publication.

Cons For SEO

Spam Link Building Google doesn’t approve of buying links, and since reputable press release distribution services are expensive, using press releases solely for ranking purposes is frowned upon. This is why it’s important to stay away from exact-match keyword anchor text and instead follow the best practices of including one link in the correct format. Wrong: linking from "SEO agency lost angeles" Right: linking from ""

Self Promotion In recent years, press releases have lost some authority because so many companies use them for self-promotion. However, if you’re writing a press release on a genuinely newsworthy topic, then it remains a valid tactic.

Duplicate Content Duplicate content is another potential downside of press releases. The nature of press release syndications brings about organic incoming links from identical content. Each new link from a syndicated piece of content is less valuable than an inbound link from a unique piece of content. The high domain authority of news sites help to retain the link’s value.


Overall, distributing press releases periodically have a place in a well-rounded SEO campaign. The key is to ensure that your topic is relevant and newsworthy. Choose a reputable distribution agency and amplify your message with direct outreach to news outlets. Track your success and critically evaluate if press releases are helping your SEO campaign.
written by: Stephanie Schoch

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