Getting to Know Your Product Data Feed

This video guide will give you the basics on data feeds. Learn why a data feed is important and how you can optimize yours with product feed experts David Yu and James Wallace. You can also get quick answers to your questions here!

Q: What is a data feed?
A: It’s a file that contains all of your structured product information. The product feed is the foundation for all of your shopping platforms, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Bing. These shopping channels and marketplaces use a product feed to showcase product information.

Q: Why is it important?
A: It’s actually quite simple - without product information, shopping platforms like Google Shopping won’t know to show your products in an ad. Your product information is used to determine what to show shoppers who are searching for products. The more qualified product information you submit, the more qualified your product becomes!

Q: What should a feed contain?
A: It depends what types of products you sell, but start with the basics: title, size, color, link, image links, GTIN/UPC, MPN, description, and product category. Once you have the foundation set, you can get more advanced with custom labels, Merchant Center programs, and more insight-driven optimizations.

Q: How do you create a product feed?
A: Most product feeds should be formatted as an xml, txt, csv or tsv, and all products should be broken out individually with all applicable attributes. Your product information can be exported by most major shopping carts, or can be manually created depending on how many SKUs you have.

To learn more about data feeds or to have some help, see more on Wpromote’s data feed management here.

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