Email Marketing Welcome Series

Email Marketing Managers Lucy Vinh and Kymberly van der Weyde take you from content creation to email reporting for your welcome series.

Your welcome series is an essential part of your nurturing efforts and can be a conversion-driving powerhouse. It introduces your brand to new users at a critical time - when they’re most interested in you. Capitalize on their interest and provide them with the knowledge and tools to have a positive interaction with your brand.

While a developed welcome series has several emails and layers of personalization, you can start today with just one or two emails. You can always add and fine-tune your series after you get started. Start small and start today - we’ll help!

In this video guide, you’ll get email best practices and a clear outline of steps needed to setup your welcomes series. Plus, use the checklist below to guide your process and stay on track!

Download The Checklist

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