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If you’re not prioritizing your feed, now’s the time. Access feed experts and channel managers to help you utilize and optimize the most important aspect of your Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other critical placements.

A Unique Shopping Feed


It doesn’t help to just qualify for Google Shopping, you need product listing ads that are easier for your customers to find, and then compelling enough to earn your potential customer’s clicks. Wpromote management takes control of all levers and prioritizes the technical and creative components that make a campaign successful.

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Proactive Optimizations

We will optimize your products across Google platforms with strategies applicable to forward-thinking campaigns such as Smart Shopping and Organic Surfaces.

Key Communication

When you work directly with our team, there’s never a missed opportunity. We’re always looking for ways to challenge the competition and meet your business goals.

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Audience Based Approach

Instead of using a one-size-fits-all method, we customize targeting, bids, product grouping structure, and copy to each customer.

Feed Experts

We have a team of experts, channel managers, and directors that are eager to provide insights and new opportunities that will best benefit your business.

Practical Feed Implementation That Produces Results

We love taking the tactical approach and creating a unique feed, especially when it comes to dominating Google’s ecosystem. Proper optimization and smart strategy are essential, so we have different methods on how we help our clients achieve success on Google Shopping.

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Feed Isn’t An Afterthought

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Google Shopping and Marketplaces are an area that you should own, both technically and creatively. This online shopping experience is essential to any ecommerce company’s marketing, and Wpromote recognizes that and does not take the importance lightly. Here’s our approach:

  • Platform Feed Auditing & Database Diagnosis
  • Feed Specific Transformations & Individualized Platform Exporting
  • Implementation For Platforms Such As Shopify & Magento 2
  • Constant Refreshing & Pulling For Pricing & Stock Accuracy
  • Troubleshooting & Delivery Error Diagnosis
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Driving Results with AI-Powered Capabilities
Wpromote helped set J.McLaughlin up for continued ecommerce growth by leaning into AI-powered shopping campaigns and feed management on Google and diversifying ad creative on social media platforms. We successfully scaled campaign innovations and efficiencies to power a dramatic increase in YoY conversions, revenue, and return on ad spend for the brand.

193% Increase in revenue
66% Revenue from net-new customers
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Optimizing For Google Shopping To Achieve Digital Growth
Headcovers Unlimited’s products and mission put them on the map, but the 20 year old company needed a digital refresh. Wpromote readied their product feed for Google Shopping by fixing inaccurate product types, optimizing underperforming titles, and adjusting unsupported color values. These changes grew conversions 160%, growing the brand’s digital presence quickly and efficiently.

861% increase in clicks
1,380% increase in impressions