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Meet The Employee: Jessica Tauber

Anne Brady Senior Manager | Learning & Development

Welcome to the sixth installment of our employee spotlight! We’d like to take a minute and introduce you to Jessica Tauber, Vice President of Client Services here at Wpromote.

Q: What is your favorite Wpromote event?

A: My favorite event has to be the holiday party. It’s a time where we come together as a company outside of work and celebrate everything that we have achieved throughout the year. It’s also fun to see everyone dressed up!

Jessica and Josh at holiday party

Q: What is your favorite Wpromote memory?

A: There have been so many that it’s really hard to choose a favorite. One that always sticks out in my mind was making the Inc. 500 for the first time as #62. We were such a small group back then, we decided to all go out and celebrate that night. It was my first year at Wpromote and such an amazing feeling to know that I was going to be part of something big.

Q: Who is your favorite co-worker and why?

A: This is a trick question!

Q: When were you hired? What was your starting position?

A: I was hired in 2007 as a PPC Account Manager. It was a different world back then. My desk was right next to Mike Mothner’s and we were a company of just 10 people.

Jessica wearing sports jersey

Q: Do you have a morning mantra/routine? What is it?

A: Wake up and check email on my iPhone. Some days I fit in a quick workout. I have my first cup of coffee and handle a few minutes of work in the peace and quiet of my home. Then I pack my to-go cup of coffee and head for the office. Once I’m there, I’m pretty much always on the go!

Q: What’s your favorite book?

A: I don’t know about favorite, but I’ll give you the most impactful: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Everyone should read this book and learn a little bit about how to get more happiness out of life.

Q: If you could trade jobs with someone at Wpromote, who would you choose and why?

A: This is a fun one. As long as the skills came with the trade, I think I’d go into design. I’ve always been on the other side of the spectrum so I’d love to see first hand how the creative folks work.

Q: How did you first learn about Wpromote?

A: I happened to meet Michael Block, our COO, through a friend in college. A few years later when I was looking for a job in the industry he brought me in for an interview. The rest is history!

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