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Case Study

Reaching Luxury Shoppers With Facebook

By using dynamic ads and allowing Facebook’s algorithm to automatically select the most appropriate placements for them based on ad performance, this luxury clothing retailer increased its return on ad spend by 75%.

Their Story

Sharing LA Lifestyles

Founded in 1995, as a women’s contemporary clothing line, Trina Turk has evolved into a lifestyle brand that celebrates California style. Trina Turk offers women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, plus swimwear, activewear, a Mr Turk menswear line, and home décor and textiles, which are available through its online store and several boutique locations across the US.

Woman wearing Trina Turk outfit
  • “With a lean team, it’s fairly difficult to consistently test and optimize new ads across multiple audiences and placements. Dynamic ads for broad audiences allowed us the ability to serve the optimal creative to the right audience—facilitating marketing scalability and customer acquisition growth. From 2018 to 2019, we were able to increase our investment by 28X and revenue by 50X.”
    Sarina Rubin
    Marketing & Ecommerce, Trina Turk

The Challenge

Looking For Luxury Shoppers

Trina Turk wanted to see if moving from strictly traditional advertising platforms to advertising on Facebook could be an effective way for a luxury brand to find new customers appropriate for the brand.

Trina Turk Ad on phone

The Solution

Broadening Horizons

Trina Turk had been reluctant to try advertising on Facebook because the company leaders worried that their ideal luxury shopper might not be on Facebook or Instagram. However, working with digital agency and Facebook Business Partner (FBP) Wpromote, the team found its audience.

  • Uploaded a product catalog into Facebook’s Ads Manager and created dynamic ads for broad audiences.
  • Lookalike audiences were created and reached out to based on the new shoppers who clicked through to the website. Facebook selected the platforms for the ads and automatically updated them in real-time based on which ones were performing best.
  • Auto advanced matching was used to understand where sales were coming from to help the team make better decisions with its ad spend. Auto advanced matching anonymously matches sales to Facebook profiles.

Channels + Services

Paid Social
Dynamic Facebook Ads
Lookalike Audiences


Trina Turk’s dynamic ads for broad audiences campaign reached a luxury audience with little adjustment. Facebook Ads Manager reported these resounding YoY results for the May 1, 2018–April 30, 2019 period:

  • 75% Increase In Return On Ad Spend
  • 33% Decrease In Cost-Per-Purchase

Proof Is In The Numbers