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Case Study

More People Are Packing Their Bags With Facebook Flight Ads

Frontier and Wpromote ran Facebook flight ads for prospecting in a campaign to boost ticket sales, and saw a 3.5X increase in bookings compared to previous prospecting campaigns.

Their Story

Making Connections All Over the World

Frontier Airlines, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, believes that travel should be for everyone, so it offers low fares and a team of 4,000 aviation professionals that help people to travel more often, see new places, and connect with family and loved ones.

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  • “Our ad campaign using Facebook flight ads for prospecting has been a key contributor to our significant growth year-over-year. As we have scaled the campaign, we have consistently set account records—with April currently sitting as our best month in the account.”
    Christina Sokol
    Media Manager, Frontier Airlines

The Challenge

The Sky’s The Limit

Frontier Airlines wanted a way to reach more potential travelers, increase ticket sales, and boost revenue.

frontier airlines facebook flight ads

The Solution

Flight Ads To Find Prospective Travelers

When Frontier Airlines was gearing up for its most recent ad campaign, the company turned to Wpromote for help in planning and execution. Wpromote had heard about Facebook flight ads for prospecting and suggested that Frontier give it a try.

With Facebook flight ads for prospecting, airlines can find and reach potential passengers based on the online travel-related activities they’ve previously undertaken—such as visiting other flight-related websites and apps or researching specific destinations.

This meant that Frontier Airlines could more easily present unique offers to people who had already shown an intention to travel, regardless of whether they had engaged with Frontier’s brand or visited its website or app. What’s more, the company could then automatically generate travel suggestions from its flight inventory to promote relevant departure and arrival destinations, airports, and routes.

Further Success Takes Flight

Frontier Airlines measured its campaign results using reporting data from Facebook Ads Manager.

  • 2.5X Increase In Revenue
  • 9X Increase In Return On Ad Spend

Proof Is In The Numbers