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Hacks For Digital Challenger Brands

"Last click efficiency" attribution modeling is driving advertisers and marketers to rely on short-sighted metrics and incorrectly invest their budget. These three key hacks for digital challenger brands will tell you how to best invest your ad spend to drive the greatest profits.

The “Brand” Effect

Upon recent viewing of the very serious movie No Country For Old Men, my friends and I could not help but hysterically laugh when Josh…

Yahoo Expansion Continues

Following Yahoo’s recent announcement that they intend to buy 10% of the IPO for Ltd, a company in which they already have a 40%…

Wpromote Policy Change

I am sure everyone has experienced it, a groggy morning, power failure, late start, late night, nothing to wear, traffic, botched snooze button… whatever the…

Google Dominates Worldwide Search

On the heels of Mike Block’s post about and their 3% market share, comScore Inc’s new study estimates Google’s market share has grown to…

Top Five Calls of 2007

They happen few and far between, but when they do, we sure are glad we have call recording so we can enjoy and share with…

The Importance of Appearance

According to the State of Retailing Online report released today, Online retailers plan major investments in improved web site design. “88% of the 150 retailers…
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