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Top 8 Hashtags of 2011

Charlie Sheen may have made a huge impression in 2011, but not enough to make “winning” the most popular Twitter hashtag this year.  Twitter recently…

Viral Video Friday!

Facebook Voicemails From My Mom httpv:// Like they say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  Ever had to explain Facebook to your parents? …

Viral Video Friday!

Betty White and Luciana – I’m Still Hot httpv:// Everyone’s favorite Golden Girl, Betty White collaborated with British pop singer Luciana to promote Lifeline Insurance…

Viral Video Friday!

3000 Photos, 930 People httpv:// Ever dreamed of traveling the country? Check out this stop-motion video exhibiting one man’s journey from L.A. to Maine, capturing…

Viral Video Friday!

Webcam 101 for Seniors httpv:// With nearly two million views over the past few days, this technologically clueless (but very funny) couple from Oregon found…

Come On #Irene

It all began with a few mistaken @replies on Twitter and one hilarious response – “Btw, tweeting @Irene doesn’t deliver messages to the hurricane. Sorry.”…

Viral Video Friday!

Emile Hirsh After Dentist httpv:// Is actor Emile Hirsch researching to play to role of 2009’s Internet phenomenon “David After Dentist”?  Not quite!  After getting…

Viral Video Friday!

Old Spice Mano a Mano httpv:// The Mano A Mano in el Bano Challenge – the epic tale of two manly men battling it out…

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