IAPPS Guide Part 1: Changing A Picture In The Main Menu Slideshow

There are many different platforms that can create and host your website. IAPPS is utilized by many professionals for all their website needs.

IAPPS powers these websites as an extension of Bridgeline Digital, The Digital Engagement Company™. Bridgeline Digital provides web development, design, and hosting services to clients of every caliber across the globe. From small- to medium-sized businesses to Fortune 1,000 companies, their award-winning team makes IAPPS a trusted platform.

By integrating Ecommerce, eMarketing, web content management, and web analytics, IAPPS is a great tool for attracting visitors to your site, keeping them engaged, and increasing the likelihood that they’ll convert to customers. IAPPS also allows businesses to easily manage their web content, make changes, and regularly optimize their websites for best SEO practices and user interface.

There are so many different ways to customize and enhance an IAPPS website. Because of this wide array of possibilities, this 14-PART guide has been created to help the IAPPS user navigate and make changes to his or her website. From moving pages to fixing pictures to editing forms, this series of IAPPS guides will help you maneuver through your website and make changes with greater ease and comfort.

Now on to PART 1...

PART 1: Changing a Picture in the Main Menu Slideshow

The first thing I always do after logging in is to go into site editor and click on the little editing pencil in the top right-hand corner of the slideshow. There I will see what content library the images are coming from.

Then I will go back into the dashboard and click on Content Items. For this example, the directory is “Home Slideshow,” so I’ll click on that and click “+ Add New.”

Title the image. For Content Type select “Televox: Slider Item.”

Download the image by clicking on the little ellipsis next to the mountain picture.

You’ll need to make sure that the image is the appropriate size before downloading it. In most slideshows (not all; there are some squarer looking slideshows) the images need to measure at 1032px wide by 292px tall, and be saved at around 72DPI. You can make these edits in Photoshop...

Open Photoshop

    • “File” > “Open” > Select Your Image
    • “Image” > Image Size

Here is where you make your size adjustments.



Then unlink the other size aspects by clicking on the little chain link:

Update the sizes to 1032px in width and 292px in height.

(Please note: 1032 x 292 is the usual size for slideshow images; however, sometimes the sizes are different, less rectangular and more square-looking. If that is the case, when you are logged in to IAPPS, go to the homepage and “control, right click” on the slideshow image. Then click “View Image Info” to get the correct dimensions). Back to Photoshop!

Hit “OK” then save the image. Then “File” – “Save As” – Name the Image – Hit “Okay” when it asks you that PNG options question (make sure these areas are selected first).

You’re done!

Back to the site editor

Once you’ve downloaded your image hit “Save” at the bottom. If you run into this:

Then that means your file probably isn’t saved as a .png So change that.

You can rearrange the order of the image slides by hold-clicking each one until it turns yellow and then moving it up or down. When you are satisfied with your order, open the site in another browser to make sure everything looks good. If you don’t like the speed at which the images are rotating, click the editing pencil in the top right hand corner of the slideshow again. Then select the number of seconds each slide should be displayed for by the millisecond: (i.e. 3000 = 3 seconds).

written by: Geanna Culbertson

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